Olympus by Night

Sass' adventurous day

Well today is turning into an interesting experience. Not only did I have to deal with Mr. Walkers P.E. class and suffer through a homophobic awards ceremony, I got to visit a distorted world. It seems my father lost an interesting bet and proceeded to get wasted and screw a mummy. The interesting part is that the mummy was named Seshat and screwed my father back. So my biological mummy is a mummy…(chuckles) Oh and I’m am destined to wed the new pharaoh who is supposed to be an elementary school student, that I “should” be able to identify. To start i will need to talk with Horace and see if he knows anything. Then I need to see if I can find my Mummies (chuckles) resting place, and if not find a way to get father to tell me if he knows where she is. Also while visiting my Mummy (laughs)… that will never get old… I seemed to pick up sowing fairly well, from re-attaching her arm. Lastly I need to come up with a list of a few questions to ask in the event that my mind fails me. I had my dead Mummy (chuckles) in front of me and I could not think of a decent question, like since I forgot what to ask does that become something she knows since she is the goddess of forgotten knowledge? And know I get to figure out what to tell my family since I disappeared with out warning… fun.



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