Olympus by Night

Sass growing up

After meeting Anubis during the solar flare Sass starting getting for lack of a better term “abilities.” Shortly after she also started drifting from her family, due to the kinds of questions she asked. For example when she was discharged from the hospital and was on her way home with her mom driving, she asked about the “Jackal headed” man, and her mom flatly denied his existence. When Sass and her mom got home the mom told Sass father what Sass said, and disagreement resulted between Sass and her father which ended up with Sass never speaking about it again and denying it happened for a couple years.
During the next 2-3 years Sass’ abilities increased dramatically compared to her classmates. While Sass still asked questions they were more pointed and sometime just rude. Like when she overheard Alice talking to another jock and claim that she was “too busy to go out with him” Sass chimed in as she passed that Alice was lying. which got her a nasty look from Alice. Which started a scudo rivalry between Alice and Sass. Sass always having the grades and Alice the sports.
As Sass got into middle school she started noticing that she would get easily distracted at random times and one time while she was “distracted” Horace passed and he “glowed.” The way he glowed reminded her of an event that she had repressed, and her memories returned. Unfortunately they hit her hard and she passed out. When she awoke Horace was there next to her saying she must have passed out due to the heat. Sass’ response was that he was like the Jackal man. After this Sass visited Horace often at the police station to ask him questions about the Netjer, and one day he told her she had to start “earning” her answers. So Sass started helping out at the police station. While she was not the best at anyone thing, she was proficient.
Once Sass started helping out at the police station she also started drifting from her family. While she still helped at the Synagogue she always seemed to have something else to do and left event early or skipped when she could get a way with it.



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