Olympus by Night

Sass meets.... the Pharaoh

Well today was weird… I met the Pharaoh, who happened to be Jarred from my classes (eyes glaze over) he is so dreamy. Wait… what!? Damn he also seems to be able to turn off my brain just by thinking of him (eyes glaze over) those abs!!!! DAMN it. I also found out that Horace didn’t know who… the Pharaoh… was. That worked I didn’t think about Jared (eyes glaze over) I wouldn’t mind him wrecking me. @#$%!!!!! ALSO the Pharaoh seems to have the same affect on Val but she uses math. I need to find something as a distraction so I can reality check myself. Now that the Pharaoh has been found what am I supposed to do? I guess I should go talk to Mummy(heh).



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