Olympus by Night

Session 1

Lying in bed now, staring pointlessly at my ceiling, hoping that some thoughts will string themselves together. I’m exhausted, so I can’t imagine this will go on too long… I predict I’ll be fast asleep within three minutes or so. However, the shitty old tablet Mr. Padilla gave me last year is recording my thoughts as I go; it can’t connect to the internet, but it can word process just fine. Hopefully, this’ll be somewhat useful if I read them back tomorrow. The hummingbirds are buzzing away – good; I always find that sound relaxing and conducive to deeper thought.

Right. Big things of the day. Let’s start with daddy – he’s back, again – and once again, he’s put me in a bind. That damn destiny thing has cropped again – and he’s finally revealed the role that I’m supposed to play in this grand affair. Wife. Teacher. Gods, I hate teaching. I already have to slow down my thought processes to communicate regularly with pretty intelligent people; now, I’m expected to slow down enough to teach a prepubescent child basic geometry… Gods, there’s never been an activity more dull… And that’s not even getting to the wife part. Me? Matrimonial bliss? Not fucking likely.

Also, brothers. Not pleasant ones and moronic even by the standards of idiots. Hapi, with the head of a baboon; and Duamutef, with the head of jackal. Interesting, according to most myths I’ve discovered they’re the children of Horus – but ancient records decay and are occasionally wrong. Still, they move fast and may be easy to manipulate in future. Things to consider.

Finally, pharaoh. Born on the Dragon Mountain – but not a volcano, though frankly I still think it’s a good guess. I’ll do some cross referencing on my boss’s computer tomorrow – it can still connect to the Internet and it’s not like I can’t do his books in less than a couple minutes. I normally do it without a calculator to try and challenge myself, but I can shoot through it and get some research done. I hate being tied to destiny like this – but, he’s my ticket to the far side of the board. Will he really be a god-king like the old stories say? How does that even work? Am I a god-person already?

Eyelids heavy. I’m more tired than I expected – barely making it two minutes tonight. Oh, well.



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