Olympus by Night


Well, today did not happen how I hoped it would. I keep replaying what I could’ve done differently, despite every part of me compelling me to not let this man die for thievery. Should I have let him hang? What if I paid his bail or talked to the “mayor” about it, maybe gotten the thief a probation? Maybe save him during the hanging with a compelling speech? I guess it’s completely moot now. I hope i never see him again.

On another note, I am the child of a talk hawk god. Horus-Ra seems friendly. I hope I get to see him more, albeit him having better news that I am destined to marry the reincarnated pharaoh. Saying this in my journal makes this seem like a am completely insane. Still getting used to this whole scion business. I wonder if Sass or Valeria are having as much of a hard time as I am.

My fathers gift is going to be a hassle to tote around. I’m sure a transparent spear that glows white won’t be an easy thing to hide or pass off. Unless… maybe I can cover it in ceremonial Native American dressings or something. Hmm….



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