Alexa Villanueva


Age: 33
Height: Average (5’4”- 5’8”)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Occupation: Maid at The Memphis Inn and Saloon


Alexa’s story is a long one. Her mother brought her to America when she was a young girl. For a time they worked on the ranches and farms. All was well until her mother got sick. When the devil came, Alexa made a deal.
On paper Alexa is a practicing catholic. Normally she’s somewhat cold and distant but a few beers at a local saloon and she gets quite emotional about the devil coming back for her. Most of the local community thinks she’s a loon. She hasn’t left Teton county in nearly twenty years, and becomes… agitated at the suggestion. When her daughter tried to leave as part of a sports team she became violent, attacking the teacher driving it and physically pulling her daughter of the bus. Mr Tugwell was sent to the hospital but declined to press charges.
Alexa remains a beautiful, if slightly odd member of the community.

Alexa Villanueva

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