Ama no Uzume no Mikoto

The Goddess of Mirth


Height: Average (Between 5’4" and 5’8")
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Headbanging Black.
Eyes: Dancing Violet.
Build: Raving Voluptuous, Uzume is a goddess who manages to have plenty of flesh that no one would ever accuse of being heavy.
Distinguishing features: Known for her legendary breasts, her mountains of flesh have no equals among divinities.
Physical Age: Late Twenties, early Thirties

Acquaintance: Party Goer, Roadie, Adulteress, Heiress, Ambassador, Drug Addict, Maid, Dancer


  • Foundation of Kagura- A barrel of Unending Alcohol, that doubles as Uzume’s favorite dance stage, the barrel shrinks to the size of a necklace and can most often be found hanging between Uzume’s ultimate orbs.

Children: Shicho Gensou

Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Charisma, Appearance
Skills: Animal Ken, Art (Performance Art), Empathy, Demolitions, Seduction, Streetwise
Purviews: Artistry, Chaos, Earth, Health, Illusion


Uzume is the mother of Shicho “Arthur”. Flirtatious and kind she is always happy to help him and his friends in their adventures. She is fond of her old “fuddy duddy” husband, though she often runs away from home to party with mortals.

Sometimes called the The Great Persuader or The Heavenly Alarming Female, Uzume revels in her sensuality. She is firmly on the side of the Amatsukami but often shirks responsibility… a trait that extends to her family life.

As the Goddess of revelry she is a member of the Cerulean Lute of Harmony. If she wasn’t so irresponsible she would probably be the director. On the other hand, if she wasn’t so irresponsible she would hardly be Uzume.

Ama no Uzume no Mikoto

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