The Goddess of the Sun


Height: Short (Between 5’0" and 5’4")
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Ash Black
Eyes: Molten Solar Gold
Build: Amaterasu has a slight frame, but body fit for the burdens of war and rule.
Distinguishing features: Amaterasu’s appearance is striking, blinding. It is hard to look directly at her.
Physical Age: Early Twenties.

Acquaintance: Senior Politician, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Though it has been an age Amaterasu dons her armor to command the armies of the Kami in the field.

Holy Sites:

Artifacts: Possesses many artifacts.

  • Grass cutting sword: originally gifted to the royal family of Japan Amaterasu reclaimed after world war two.

Favored Attributes: Strength, Charisma, Intelligence
Skills: Athletics, Etiquette, Fortitude, Leadership, Marksmanship, Politics
Purviews: Animal (Crab, Duck, Rabbit), Guardian, Justice, Sky, Sun

Children: Chet Collins, Isumi Shinchiro, Zachary Fletcher


Often translated as being merely the goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is the Glowing Radiance of the Heavens and all creation orbits her brilliance. The Queen of the Amatsukami, she is not technically a member of the Bureaus, Terrestrial Bureaucracy, or Demonic Order, yet sits above all of them.

She is the pure daughter of Izanagi, and only acknowledges her brothers Susano’o and Tsukiyomi as her true kin.

Game History: Amaterasu has cursed Rori Rollins for his desecration of a sacred site.

It was Amaterasu who became the Glory and brought about the Disaster. Her brilliance and might lighting half the world for one eternally glorious moment.

Foreign Relations. In many ways, while Amaterasu is only the broad director of the Amatsukami’s day to day affairs, she very much is the pantheons foreign relations.

Aesir: Amaterasu finds the Aesir to be little more than fur clad barbarians. It galls her that she must court their favor, or at least neutrality in her war with the Theoi.

Deva: The Amatsukami have long had relations with the Deva, and amicable relations at that. Several Kami began as Deva, and vice versa.

Netjer: Old and wise. Traditional. But perhaps not active enough in their duties. Surely they see Theoi barbarism for what it is?

Theoi: The theoi are a blight in the American consciousness and Amaterasu will see their rude, chaotic, wasteful, and petty selves removed from her domain by force of arms.

Tuath: Amaterasu doesn’t particularly like the Tuath. Like the Aesir they’re barabaric and boorish. However they are allies, and its only common courtesy to give them whatever minor aid that can be given.


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