Alignment: Principled. Amazons are staunch in their beliefs, they value honor, pride, bravery, respect, and hating men. Amazons fluctuate heavily between selfish and selfless. Some believe they have a responsibility toward their lesser human cousins, while others see mankind only as tools.

Rarity: Uncommon (Hundreds)

Common Purviews&Powers: Amazons almost never have purviews, instead investing their limited powers into epics- Most commonly some variation of strength, dexterity, stamina, appearance, or intelligence.

How: In terms of personality, amazons can best be described as bisexual misandronists. Amazons are perfectly willing to breed with men and are capable of showing appreciation for both attractive male forms and skillful lovemaking. Amazons are expected to become pregnant and bear more amazons. They even practice a form of controlled breeding. All amazon offspring are invariably Amazons, but the children of more powerful fathers are themselves more powerful.
Furthermore, amazons admire both bravery and intelligence, and can find a form of camaraderie and something almost like respect toward men who pass their standards. But… amazons consider men to be intellectually and spiritually inferior and they view long-term heterosexual relationships with a degree of disgust. Amazons may only become minions of Goddesses. Not Goddess by divine inheritance, goddess in the flesh. In amazon minions a goddess finds faithful and dutiful servants, ready to fight in her name, serve her drinks, cultivate her fields, or catalogue her library.
Yet amazons are creatures of reason and while no god will ever command a host of amazons he may be able to win one over. Gods may take an Amazon retainer… though other amazons will likely shun her for it, or if they view her reason as sound they may just politely ignore it.

Collective Noun: Shrewdness of Amazons


Which: Theoi (Amazon), Kami (Onna-bugeisha), Netjer (Neferata), Norse (Skjalmö), Orisha (Dahomey)

Who: Amazons are, genetically, very close cousins to humans. While myth claims they live in remote islands and hidden places, the truth is they’ve been fully integrated with their more common lesser cousins for millenia. Most amazons have human fathers. Yet they remain a fierce warrior race, born from the old goddesses to war against titanspawn and to keep the lesser races in line. A responsibility they hold dear to this day.

Where: Surprisingly, given their feminist leanings, amazons thrive in societies that view beautiful women as sex objects. (They consider such attitudes as a weakness in the patriarchy to exploit.) Many of the “trophy wives” of some of the world’s richest and most powerful men are actually amazons who control their husbands either through sexual domination or outright intimidation. Today, the amazons move through the highest levels of mortal society, either twirling men around their fingers with sex appeal or snapping their necks like twigs. Whatever the situation calls for. Amazons can usually be found in places of mortal power.

What: Amazons are usually fit and well educated, not to mention part of a secret sisterhood that ensures networking toward an important position. Many Amazons are primary physical, but like humans amazons can be incredibly diverse. Most amazons are resources 3+. Officers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, trophy wives, models, professors, private security…

Others: Amazons were born to fight the monstrous spawn of titans and they feel a thrill for combat no human can understand. They’re just as eager to war in the modern era with guns, artillery, and firearms, as they were millennium ago with arrows and spears. Amazons actively hunt titanspawn. They slay vampires, and fight werewolves. There are no exceptions. No deals. The only good titan spawn is a dead titan spawn.
This dedication flavors their dealings with other creatures. They view nymphs and sprites as pathetic- Good for slave labor in an emergency and not much else. They view giants warily, sometimes as allies, sometimes as dangerous beasts, and often just something to be avoided unless large numbers are on hand.
With Beastmen and Myrmidons things become confusing. Beastmen and Myrmidons fought alongside the Gods and Amazons during the Titan Wars and are, technically, allies. Like amazons, Myrmidons and beastmen continue to hunt titanspawn and protect the world. Its just… WHY can’t they see things would be better with Amazons in charge! So infuriating. Amazons have fought numerous brushfire wars and competitions with beastmen and myrmidons, though such struggles rarely last long. To further complicate things, after humans, most amazons have myrmidon fathers and the daughters of myrmidons tend to be more powerful than their human fathered sisters. Maddening!


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