God of Fishermen, Merchants, and Luck


Height: Average (5’4”-5-8”)
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Little Black Book Black.
Eyes: Coastal water blue.
Build: Overworked thin.
Distinguishing features: His limbs are somewhat frail and he walks as if afraid his legs will give out.
Physical Age: Mid-Thirties
Acquaintance: Fisherman, Small Town Folk, Salaryman, Shipwright

Artifacts: Jellyfish coat of Paralysis.


The firstborn child of Izanagi and Izanami he was cast out to see when they realized he was born with no bones. (God of Jellyfish)

Eventually he was accepted by his parents and became the god of fisherman. He is a member of the 7 gods of Fortune and is especially close to Daikoku. The two deities often pass the burden of leading the Cerulean Lute back and forth every few decades.


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