Height: Tall (Between 5’4" and 5’8")
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Ash Black
Eyes: Explosive Red
Build: Masculine, often covered in a thin layer of soot with a permanent copper or bronze hue to her skin.
Distinguishing features: Her firey red eyes and masculine appearance.
Physical Age: Late Twenties, early Thirties

Acquaintance: Barbarian, Murderer, Dishonorably discharged soldier, Hill billy


  • Crude Iron Armor-
  • Ruin Blade- A massive two handed sword with no hand guard.

Children: Asahi


The Goddess of Fire and Volcanic eruption.

Abandoned (or exiled) at birth she is unclear of proper social decorum and often falls to moody silence or awkward pleasantries. When angered her rage is terrible to behold.

She’s proven crude and rude and endangered Arthur’s life over a minor slight. However she’s shown a possessive streak over her son that is at odds with her other behavior.


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