Alignment: Principled. Myrmidons were created to fight the armies of titan spawn. They don’t have time for sympathy or weakness. Some are selfless, paragons beyond reproach. Others are selfish, reckless renegades without a care for others.

Rarity: Uncommon (Hundreds)

Common Purviews&Powers: Myrmidons almost never have purviews, instead investing their limited powers into epics- Most commonly some variation of strength, dexterity, stamina, charisma, or wits. Some have the War purview.
How: In a fit of jealousy Hera created a plague that wiped out a mortal island, noble Zeus created the first myrmidons to repopulate. Never will they forget the pettiness and vanity of goddesses. You can best describe Myrmidons as bisexual misogamists. They are perfectly willing, even eager, to breed with human women, nymphs, and amazons…they even know that the more powerful the mother the mightier the son, and the son will always be another myrmidon.
Furthermore, Myrmidons admire both bravery and intelligence and can find a form of chivalry and something almost like respect toward women who pass their standards. But… Myrmidons consider women to be intellectually and spiritually inferior and they view long-term heterosexual relationships with a degree of disgust. Myrmidons may only become minions of Gods. Not Gods by divine inheritance, gods in the flesh. In Myrmidon minions a gods finds honest and loyal servants, ready to fight in his name, clean his floors, cultivate his fields, or fix his car.

Collective Noun: A colony of Myrmidons


Which: Theoi (Myrmidon, Spartan), Bogovoi (Cossacks), Celtic (Woad Warriors), Kami (Bushi), Norse (Berserkers)

Who: Myrmidons are close cousins of humanity and blended into the society ages ago. Most Myrmidons have human mothers. They remain a fierce warrior race, born from the old gods to war against titanspawn and to keep the lesser races in line. A duty they fulfill to this day.

Where: Myrmidons are usually happiest in mid to low income areas. Labor areas, soldier areas. They like routine hard work, it keeps them busy and vigilant for titanspawn, and spares them from the womanly petty politicking that comes with white collar work. Look to slightly dangerous neighborhoods full of blue collar workers. Myrmidons don’t fear neighborhood toughs, and know that vampires prefer such hunting grounds.

What: Myrmidons are usually very fit and practical in their thinking. They value the skills education can provide but see little value in education for its own sake. Myrmidons like to work with their hands, Look for factories, construction work, ship building, manufacturing, farming, and you’ll find Myrmidons. Most myrmidons are resources 1-2. Which suits them fine, they coined the term spartan lifestyle. Weapon, armor, tv, couch, beer.
Others: Myrmidons were born to fight the monstrous spawn of titans and they feel a thrill for combat no human can understand. They’re just as eager to war in the modern era with guns, artillery, and firearms, as they were millennium ago with arrows and spears. Myrmidons actively hunt titanspawn. They slay vampires, and fight werewolves. There are no exceptions. No deals. The only good titan spawn is a dead titan spawn.
This dedication flavors their dealings with other creatures. They view nymphs and sprites as pathetic- Good for fucking and bullying respectively. They view giants warily, sometimes as allies, sometimes as dangerous beasts, and often just something to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
With Beastmen and Amazons things become confusing. Beastmen and Amazons fought alongside the Gods and Myrmidons during the Titan Wars and are, technically, allies. Like Myrmidons, amazons and beastmen continue to hunt titanspawn and protect the world. Its just… amazons always have to but their noses into everything and are telling the myrmidons what they ought to be doing and ignore everything the myrmidons try to tell them back. Myrmidons have fought numerous brushfire wars and competitions with beastmen and amazons, though such struggles rarely last long. To further complicate things, after humans, most myrmidons have amazon mothers and the sons of amazons tend to be more powerful than their human mothered brothers. Aggravating.


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