Sarutahiko Ōkami



Height: Very Tall (Between 6’0" and 6’4")
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: A short clipping the color of grey stone.
Eyes: Soil Brown.
Build: Tall, broad shouldered, a once athletic frame going to fat.
Distinguishing features: A portly belly and the elongated nose of a tengu.
Physical Age: Late fifties.


Once, Saru was the supreme god of all earthly kami. However he gave up nearly all his power and his position after seeing Uzume’s breasts.

While technically the head of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy he’s something of a layabout god who shuffles most of his work onto his small army of secretary spirits and his wife’s illegitimate son. Some say his ambivalence has caused much trouble for the earthly spirits leading to corruption and a rise in demonic activity.

Sarutahiko Ōkami

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