Goddess of Winter


Height: Short (5’0”-5-4”)
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Winter Night Black
Eyes: Snowflake White
Build: Young and graceful with a petite frame.
Distinguishing features: Her cherub like face and exotic eyes are easily noticeable.
Physical Age: Mid teens.
Acquaintance: Orphan, Vagabond, Streetwalker, Bartender, Motel Owner, Small Town Folk, Tourist, Hiker


  • Icy spear- Disguised as an Umbrella
  • Hakama of First Snow.

Children:Kai Kea, Yuki-Onna

The mother of Yuki-onna (Ice Demons), and the goddess of winter and cold.

The fairly laid back goddess of calamity has high hopes for her son, and is often close at hand to advise her son on anything that may happen.

Injured in battle between Pele and Kagutsuchi, Yukifuri is currently recuperating in her sons home.


Born to Izanami after her death, Yukifuri is a goddess of Calamity who wreaks havoc each year on the isles of Japan (and now the United States).

She spent some time living with and preparing her son for his life as a scion and god.


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