Book of the Broken Wing


Name: The Broken Wing Tome
Purview: Prophecy

The Book of Broken Wing is not a traditional weapon. It uses Intelligence + Marksmanship to attack, and Charisma +Weapon Damage for damage. (The Sharpshooter knack tree can be taken to change this to perception)

As a weapon: Speed 6: Accuracy +5, Damage +11L, Range 200 Yards, Rate 1

Warning: Beware botching!


A wretched and vile book, bound in the bones of various avian beasts, each page made from flesh and each word written in human blood. The souls of the victims of the author, both avian and man, are forever bound to the book, and those with a strong enough will can launch a terrible attack with the book, though if the mind isn’t strong enough there is a risk of the book trying to pull the holder into itself.
Several copies of the Tome are thought to exist, although only a handful are known. Rumor has it that each is slightly different and unique, and that each is but a copy of the true Broken-Wing, a book which has yet to have been written. Numerous scions and demigods have left their mark in it, and the handwriting and words of Nagash, Ahnburian, Nero and Dorian Grey… yet the true Broken-Wing tome will be written years in the future by an unknown High Priestess of the Netjer… sometimes when Valeria glances at the deranged scribbles she wonders if perhaps she is that mad woman.

Book of the Broken Wing

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