Kokua Lei


I’m a weapon. No! A shield!

Purview: Guardian
• Adds 2 phantom dice to Leadership
• Adds 2 phantom dice to Fortitude
• Add 5 to War when defending.
• Many Magic/Prophecy/Mystery powers can only be defended against by those who possess dots in those purviews; this necklace allows the bearer to roll his dots in Guardian when attacked by one of these powers. (Example Evil Eye, Fortune Favors the Bold)


It is the burden of soldiers to confront their darker natures. To be forced to commit violent and terrible deeds on the innocent or righteous. This necklace/armband is a reminder to Kai that he is a protector and not a slayer.
36 Sea shells handpicked by Cassandra from the various beaches of the Hawaiian islands, and woven together with strands of her hair.

Kokua Lei

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