Ophelia's Tattoos


Over the years, Ophelia Olympian has marked herself with dozens of tattoos on nearly every part of body. Most of her tattoos were completed by her friend and colleague, Tianna Zaragoza, though she has a couple that she tattooed on herself. Ophelia normally wears clothing that reveals her extensive body art, so most of it is on full display to anyone who sees her. In addition to her tattoos, she also has three earrings in her left ear, two in her right, and a nose ring.


From the top downwards:

1. The names of her three siblings – Zeno, Felix, Astaria – are written in calligraphy in a halo pattern around her neck.
2. She has a tattooed golden necklace, in the Haitian style, with a gemstone of orange Jasper.
3. She has several Haitian voudou symbols running down her left arm.
4. She has a large (pretty much actual size) magpie tattoo on her back – with its wings outstretched and its face contorted into an angry caw.
5. Her ‘caduceus’ tattoo is her largest – two large snakes wind down both of her arms, their body wind behind the magpie on her back, and are knotted by their tails on the back of her neck. Their faces are on the palms of her hands – both of them are fanged and snarling.
6. The numbers 1997 and 2010 – the years that her parents disappeared – are written on her fingers – one on each digit.
7. On a small twig, with a single leaf, held by the magpie on her back, hand three objects – a pair of dice, a modern-looking key and an Ethernet cable.
8. In a ring around the top of her midriff, there are five eyes of varying size (the largest in the middle) are five eyes staring outside. Each is dripping blood from its retina.
9. The astrological symbol for Mercury is nestled in the small of her back.
10. On her right hip, extending up to her belly button on down to the middle of her right thigh, is a field of purple crocus flowers, mixed in with human and animal bones. They are thickest at the top, but start to thin and get smaller as you go further down her body.
11. In a tiny circle, among the field of flowers, are the simple letters – TZ – for her constant companion, Tianna Zaragoza.
12. The field of crocus flowers begin to turn to dust and create a thin stream going across her right knee and into a golden hourglass on her lower leg. It is filling up in the bottom layer and there is a single crack forming in the bottom glass.
13. Alongside the stream of dust and the hourglass are words written in stylized handwriting: “I am the sand in the bottom of the hourglass.”
14. On her left hip, flies another magpie, much smaller than the other one, with blood dripping from its wings.
15. Underneath that magpie is a golden lyre with tortoiseshell accents along its edges. It is held aloft by a plume of black smoke, with flickers of orange light from inside the plume.
16. The smoke is emanating from a flower on her lower leg – its head is burning and on fire. On either side of it are two more flowers: a daffodil and a lily, but they aren’t on fire.
17. Between the two flowers on left calf are the Roman numerals V * XV, written vertically down.
18. There are multiple gray wings with golden accents around her ankles and both legs.

Ophelia's Tattoos

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