Amatsukami Scions of Honolulu

Asahi's log 4

Sanctum – The main level is very open this is the only area most guests will see. It has a massive sky light that looks out to permanently dark clouds. If other Scions or Gods visit the strongest of them will affect the weather. The walls appear to be black stone work arcane symbols that radiate a faint flickering light. On one wall there is a cloth door that opens to a small room with 3 sets of stairs leading down. Taking the stairs immediately to your right when entering the room take you down to the Medical facilities. The door to stairs on the left take you down to the Asahi’s Office, and the stairs on the far right lead to Asahi’s room. None of the lower rooms seem very hospitable for anyone who has ever been to them.

Acquaintance – On the occasions that Asahi has to go to the mortal realm he is known as a religious doctor who always seems to insist that instead of being paid, those whom he has helped must make offerings to deceased relatives, friends and loved ones. Those that do not pay his price always seem to come upon misfortune….

Divine Bonds: Yozaro – Ever since Yozaro saved Asahi in Mililani Mire it seems that fate decided that they would have far more interactions. For Asahi he needs Yozaro’s combat ability, where Yozaro needs Asahi’s ability to communicate.

The Violet Bier of Sorrows – Most of Asahi’s time is consumed with convincing the dead that they are dead, or appeasing the dead so they can move on(and stop causing problem’s for Asahi). Most of the time Asahi can just talk to ghosts and convince them they are dead every now and then he has to fight and on rarer occasions he has to get help(mostly from Yozaro or Kai when he is home and not “busy”). Every now and then a spirit requires Asahi to go to the mortal realm to get its relatives to pay some kind of homage to it. Most of the time Asahi can get the family/friends to do something by providing free medical care (making them need medical care on occasion) or just guilt tripping them. Lastly Asahi tries to help Shicho by asking his help since he knows the Terrestrial Bureaucracy well, thinking that helping Shicho show his worth will help him get into a better situation. Unfortunately Shicho seems to avoid Asahi still due to Asahi manipulating Shicho into getting Kelly’s corpse for him.

Winter's Defender

Jenkins hated this shift.

It was the middle of the night and bitterly cold – not that you could tell since the base was still drenched in the Antarctic sun and it was always, always bitterly cold – but the graveyard shift meant he was alone with the research equipment and no-one but him could check the sensors if something went wrong with them. And, of course, because the universe hated him, something had gone wrong with the sensors.

He strapped on yet another coat over the two he already had on and opened the thick vault-like door of the research center. The Antarctic snows immediately blasted him in the face and Jenkins cursed aloud as the undeniable cold pierced through his clothing and covered his flesh with goosepimples.

In the distance, across the frozen sound, lay McMurdo Station. The army base had a small flurry of activity at the docks, but was mostly quiet – everyone was asleep. The research station was on the other side of the bay, however, so that the cargo ships would not disturb their work studying the sea level and, Jenkins thought, so that they could drive the researchers insane with loneliness.

He wandered down to the water’s edge and, with stiff fingers, began to tug on the rope that would bring the sensor to shore. It was a long, arduous process that made his shivering arms ache with cold, but as the device emerged from the depths. Jenkins gasped in the freezing air – the device was covered with octopi – dozens of them crawling all over the high-tech buoy. He bent down to examine in, when a voice from behind him made him nearly jump out of his skin.

“Huh, that’s weird, right, brah?”

Jenkins span around fast. Behind him was a massive and muscular Polynesian man, nearly a foot taller than him at the very least. Unbelievably, the man was wearing what appeared to be surfing shorts… and nothing else. The man had as much exposed skin than a bikini model at a photo shoot, and yet, despite the blistering cold, he showed no adverse reaction to the temperature. No gooseflesh, no shivering; just a genial smile on his handsome face.

“I’m Kai,” the man said in answer to Jenkins’ unspoken question.

“What are you…” began Jenkins, but Kai cut him off.

“Octopuses! Octopi!” he exclaimed excitedly. He squatted down next to the machine and reached out to touch the squirming sea creatures. “Only earthbound descendant of the Fey, did you know? Apparently, a fey thing raped a daughter of Susano’o way back in the day. Susano’o vaporized the fey, of course, but allowed the offspring to stay after his daughter begged him to let it live… At least, that’s what he told me very pointedly over dinner the other week.”

“Susan O? What? Who the hell are you? What the hell are you doing?” stuttered out Jenkins.
The man looked back in a simple, almost confused manner. “I told you. I’m Kai. Keep up, brah. And, as for what I’m doing, I was surfing and now I’m examining octopi. You see, they may only be distant ancestors, but they still share a connection. The behavior of these little guys lets me know what to expect from the big one who is fixing to pop out of the rift that’s forming a couple miles that a way.” He pointed out over the sound, towards where you could see South America on a clearer day. “These guys are searching out heat… So, fire fey. Probably. It’s not exact.”

“You’re insane,” Jenkins dismissed.

“Nah. You’re just educated,” Kai said, standing, still smiling. “Problem is you learnt the wrong thing and now that super smart brain of yours won’t let you believe anything but the lie.” He clapped Jenkins on the back – the older man nearly buckled under the weight of such a simple gesture. “I’ll catch you round, brah.” He wandered out towards the crest of the hill, grabbing a simple surfboard that he’d embedded in the snow.

Jenkins shook his head, in complete disbelief, but somehow his curiosity won out over the cold, and he followed the mysterious man through the falling snows. Luckily, despite his struggling eyes and the Antarctic winds, the man’s massive frame was not difficult to follow, though Kai moved considerably faster than Jenkins did and left only the shallowest of prints, even in the deepest powder. Eventually, Jenkins scaled the crest of the hill and saw the man enter an old hut a few dozen feet down from the top.

Outrage flew over Jenkins’ face and he stomped as fast as he could down into through the front door. “This is the hut of Robert Scott! This is a historical artifact! You can’t just barge in here and..!” Jenkins glanced around. Mixed in with the frozen possessions of the great explorer himself, from over a hundred years ago, were the scant possessions of a clearly modern man – two surfboards, a couple pairs of jeans, several empty bottles of protein shake, even a cellphone – though there was no sign of a charger. A box lay open in the corner filled with uneaten brownies, a magazine, and a small photograph rested on the top of it all. “No, no, please. Please don’t tell me you’re living here.”

Kai turned and smiled. He was strapping on what looked to be a full set of medieval plate mail made of black metal and stained with red. “It’s okay, brah. He don’t mind.”

“Just because he’s dead does not mean you can disrespect his property!”

“Nah, you’re not getting it. I asked a friend of mine to get a hold of him – that Scott explorer guy. He said it was cool that I crashed here.” Kai turned away and continued to don his armor.

“Insane… You’re insane…,” Jenkins muttered under his breath as he walked around the hut – he peered into the box into the corner. The magazine had a big picture of a long-haired man in gothic-looking clothing on the cover – the title read Divinity Weekly, while the main headline was ‘Hachiman: A one-on-one exclusive with the bane of the Theoi.’ On the top of it, along with some colorful socks was a picture of a stunningly beautiful, dark-haired woman in overalls, covered in what appeared to be thick black paint. Enchanted, Jenkins picked it up for a moment and stared.

With a final clunk of metal, Kai finished strapping on his armor. He turned back and smiled at his suddenly silent visitor. “Perfect, isn’t she?”

Jenkins stuttered before finally tearing his eyes away to look properly at Kai. “What’s with the paint?”

Kai laughed slightly. “No clue. You can’t say she’s not pulling it off though. You can stay in here; you should be safe. Though I warn you if any of my photos are missing, I will find you.” He flexed his neck and stepped back outside.

Jenkins shook his head to unfog his vision. “Wait, what do you mean safe? Safe from what?” He followed the man outside and was again quickly stunned into silence.

Across the icy water, the sky glowed purple and green – an aurora of dazzling light stained across the barely visible stars, but oozing out of it, like blood from a wound, was a creature – as large as a tennis court with at least three dozen octopi-like tentacles. Its skin was clammy and a fiery shade of red, and emanated so much heat that the air distorted and warped around it. Its head had no eyes, but rather was a writhing mass of spinning teeth and yet more suckered tentacles, all wrapped around a burning furnace at its creature’s center. From its great maw came a low hiss, followed by grunts, howls and sinister whistles.

“Not today, you’re not, brah,” said Kai as if answering the monster. Six tentacles lashed forward like whips as the creature emerged fully from the aurora. Jenkins screamed.

Kai was quick as lightning – he punched one, two, three tentacles out of the way with such force that the powder around the blows flew back from the impact. Another one of the monster’s appendages wrapped around his waist, but electricity leaped into it from nowhere and it twitched violently and recoiled. Kai grabbed two more tentacles, one with each hand, and span them around his forearms as ice crept from his fingers, up into the creature itself. Then, he flicked his wrists violently, and the tentacles shattered into crystalline dust.

“Get inside!” Kai screamed.

Jenkins bolted as quickly as he could, but the creature got one of its grotesque limbs around him. “Help me! Help me!” he cried out, and Kai was there, wrestling with the thing with an impossibly mighty grip. He wrenched it free, and then with his free hand, hit Jenkins in the chest with a bitterly cold open palm. There was no pain, but Jenkins felt himself thrown back and off the ground, flying through the air, before landing over a dozen feet away, deep into a nice, soft snowbank.

Jenkins needed a moment to recover from his fall. He struggled to the surface of the snow, his fear and adrenaline overpowering the cold and fatigue in his muscles. Kai was still fighting the thing – kicking at the tentacles that lashed towards him; sparks flew off his armor and steam poured off of him – the result of the extreme heat of the creature with the somehow cold skin of Jenkins’ protector meeting in mortal combat.

Kai was fast, impossibly fast, but the creature had dozens of tentacles. As Kai battled and wrestled with five or six of them, another slipped quietly along the ground, then shot out grabbed at Kai’s ankle.

“Watch out!” cried Jenkins, and Kai looked down, managed a curse, before the creature flung him hard and straight upwards, high into the endless sky, out of sight.

The gigantic maw of the creature let out several deep booms, like it was laughing deeply at having defeated its foe. It reared up. The teeth in its bulbous central head span and gnashed. Its tentacles reached out towards its surrounding: one big one wrapped around Scott’s hut; four reached towards the research institute ominously; more towards the mountain; some dipped into the sea, where octopi scurried up and onto it; a dozen more carried its vicious form towards McMurdo Station and its thousand plus occupants; and one small one plucked Jenkins from his safe little snowbank and dragged him into the air by the feet, upside down in front of the thing’s impossibly sharp teeth.

Then, from above, came a howl – not of fear or pain, but of sheer excitement. Jenkins squirmed to look. Far above him, a tiny figure, decked in black metal, was plummeting through the sky – his hands were outstretched in front of him and were spewing water at an outstanding rate. A long stream of water formed beneath him, spiraling downwards towards the creature. Kai flipped mid-air, letting his feet hit the stream, which instantly froze – then, it was simply surfing. Hundreds of feet up, skating precariously along a tiny stream of rapidly freezing water, which was somehow being supplied from his own hands, Kai’s squeal of delight echoed across the Antarctic horizon.

Jenkins’ eyes widened in amazement and shock. The thing that held him looked up ever so briefly, just in time to see Kai jump free of his skyward surf track with electricity sparking through his big black metal boots. He yelled as he plummeted boot-first, then like a bullet, he hit the thing in its mouth with tremendous force, passing straight through the gnashing teeth, through the bulbous head, and out the other side. He hit the ground, causing a small crater, sending cracks into the frozen earth. Above him, the fey howled in agony, then the flames in its mouth spread throughout its grotesque form and the whole thing turned into ash and black smoke that quickly dispersed into the bright night sky. The aurora faded with it… and Jenkins was suddenly released, fell to the ground and back into the same snowbank as before.

He scrambled to his feet. “Kai? Kai!” He rushed to where he had fallen.

The massive man was lying in the crater of his own making; the teeth of the thing had left long, thin scratches all the way down his armor and similar gashes into the exposed skin of his face. Jenkins knelt down next to him to check on him, but Kai coughed twice, then began to laugh loudly.

“Did you see that, brah?” he laughed. “That was awesome! Man, if only Cassie could have seen that! Or Asahi! Ha!” As he spoke, the snow around him, melted from the heat of the creature, snaked towards his face, seemingly crawled into the wounds and sealed them – Jenkins watched the man miraculously heal from truly serious gashes in the matter of seconds. “Oh, I just know Shicho’s gonna call naysayer on this one. There’s no chance you were recording that for your Instagram or anything was there?”

“Um… no, sorry,” Jenkins stammered.

“Ah, well. No worries.” Kai jumped to his feet, instantly looking completely perfect – no blood anywhere, the scratches on his armor gone, his skin perfect without a single blemish, bruise or scar. “Well, it’s been fun…”

“No, no, no! Explanation! I need an explanation!”

“Ah, come on, Jenkins…”

“I never told you my name!”

Kai sighed. “Sure, you did. The last three times we’ve done this.”


“Look, I told you. You’re smart, really smart… but your brain’s been programmed with the wrong version of reality, so every time you see something like this, you rationalize it away within a few hours. Well, that and the fey do something to mortal minds. You physically can’t remember the thing.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Go on, then. Prove me wrong, brah. What type was it? What element?”

“Element? That’s…” Jenkins’ eyes batted. It was an answer at the tip of the tongue, but he couldn’t grasp at the thought, like a leaf caught in the wind – clearly there, but almost impossible to catch. He desperately tried to save face. “It didn’t use a…”

“Yeah, it did. It was a fire fey. I told you that. See? You’re already forgetting.”

“That’s not…”

Kai smiled at Jenkins – a friendly, pitying smile. “It’s OK, man. You did good. I’ll make sure your sensor thing gets back where it’s supposed to and that you wake up nice and cozy in your own bed. Sorry in advance for the headache. Come see me, y’know, in the off chance you remember.”

Jenkins stuttered out some complaints, but Kai grabbed him by the neck and held him for a few seconds. Jenkins unwillingly surrendered to the black as the air from his lungs was squeezed out of him.

Kai picked up Jenkins, cradling him like a child, and sighed deeply into the wintry air. He smiled deeply to himself and set about cleaning up the mess from this latest invasion. He laid Jenkins in his bed and tucked him in; he swam to the bottom of the ocean and reset the sensor; he scared off the octopi on the sea bed; and he covered up the misplaced snow and ice by creating new water to freeze in its place.

An hour or so later, Kai removed his armor, settled into a hundred-year-old bed, and pulled the thin lacy blanket, made of woven snow – a gift from his mother – up around his chest. He reached over and picked up Cassie’s latest letter and he read it over one more time, drinking in her words, and picturing her flawless face and honeyed voice in his imagination. He smiled to himself. “Two weeks ‘til leave, Cass. I’ll be home soon.”

He laid down the letter, closed his eyes, and surrendered himself to sleep.

Divine Bond Cassie

“It’s very…picturesque.” Michelle mumbled as she walked across the beach toward Cassandra and Kai’s sanctum. Most women wouldn’t try walking across the white sand in heels but the earth, even these water beaten grains of it, would never allow her to fall. So the auditor of the Golden Barque strode forward in her six inch hills with far better traction than most Hollywood starlets could get on a modeling runway.
The sanctum wouldn’t have been out of place on Oahu’s north shore, built almost right on top of the beach. The koa wood walls meshed quite well with the nearby forest letting the home stand out without being a garish. A lanai swept out onto the sand allowing easy access to the water and beach.
“Picturesque? Is that how you say poor?” Cassie asked, broom in her hand as she swept some stray sand off the deck. The taller woman having no trouble hearing Michelle’s muttering nearly thirty feet away. “Cause I’m pretty sure we didn’t actually spend any money on it. Kai did most of the lifting and hammering while I did most of the painting and putzing around.”
“Not poor,” Michelle ascended to the lanai, her heels clicking on the hard wood as she embraced her friend. The two held each other for a moment, perhaps a moment longer than most just friends before breaking apart. “Mellow. It suits you.”
“It isn’t finished yet,” the taller woman said with an eye roll, “I don’t think we’ll ever finish. Course Kai’s got the three rooms he uses done so he pretty much doesn’t care; bedroom, living room, and the garage. But I just keep finding something I need or want and pestering Kai when he’s home to trim back the forest so we can put another building up. I bet in a few centuries this place will look like a small town and I won’t know what half the rooms actually have in them.”
“It’s the same for me,” Michelle said, “I just keep digging down and polishing stones… it’ll be a real maze in the future. Wait, why do you have a garage? Neither of you have a car.”
“You know, we actually asked that after we spent the day building it.” Cassie grumbled, “But Kai basically turned it into his man cave. He keeps his surfboards and kick boxing magazines in there and who knows what else so everything turned out all right in the end.”
Cassie got up suddenly, “you mind if we move inside? I’m baking some brownies for Kai’s care package.”
“A care package?” Michelle asked, following her friend into the house.
“Just some stuff to keep him comfy in Antarctica. Brownies, magazines, a copy of the Divinity Weekly, new socks, a letter keeping posted on what all his friends are up to, a dirty pic. Mostly just little odds and ends stuff to keep his spirits up until he gets back.”
“_You_ send him dirty pics?” Michelle blurted out in surprise.
Cassie just shrugged as she pulled out a tray of brownies. “He asked for one. So I emptied a bucket of paint on my head and took the pic. I’ve no idea why he wants a picture of me dirty but whatever makes him happy and trust me you can’t get dirtier than covered in paint. Took me hours to get it out of my hair, and my overalls are a lost cause.”
Michelle just gave a mischievous grin. “I’m sure he’ll be delighted… but why didn’t you just summon a servant to do it? Or to bake the brownies, or sweep your lanai?”
“His mom said the same thing. She offered to give us a troupe of snow gnomes to keep an eye on the place. But, well, I guess we just felt it would be weird to have a gaggle of servants. We don’t really do the lord and lady of the manor you know.”
“…I honestly don’t know what I’d do without mine. Starve probably.” Michelle mused and Cassie shrugged.
“On the subject of servants,” Michelle said, “have you told him you’re a Nazi yet?”
“He knows I vote democrat.” Cassie mumbled, “I’m working up to it. It’s not really a big deal.”
“It’s a big deal. You’re not even just a fascist. You’re a born in Germany, goose stepping, jew hating, lederhosen wearing nazi.”
“What do you want me to do, wait for him to get home fix him a big meal and say, ‘oh by the by, now that we’re destined to be together for eternity you know I’m a nazi right? Hell’s bells I’m not even sure he knows I’m German.”
“How can he not know you’re German? Golden throne you speak German when you use your bedroom voice!”
“Shows what you know,” Cassie said, “Kai understands every language. He’s so good at it he can’t even tell them part. He uses English around the house, I use German, and he’s none the wiser.”
“Well what about the picture over there of the Neuschwanstein Castle? It’s hanging right over the TV!”
“He thought it was sweet that I wanted to hang a portrait of the Disney castle. Not my fault they look the same.”
“You have who knows how many pair of lederhosen!”
“Hanging right next to my nurse outfit. Surprise, he doesn’t think I’m a qualified medical practitioner either.”
“Your dining room table’s legs make a swastika.”
“It’s a novel furniture design that allows increased support in case of an awkward amount of weight placed on the table.”
“Your favorite food is bratwurst.”
“Kai fully supports my fondness for wieners. Good luck convincing him otherwise.”
“Your favorite song is Das Englandlied!”
“He just thinks I want to go on a sailing trip to London. And I actually think it’ll be really romantic.”
“You have a teddy bear in a Waffen-SS Uniform!”
“You leave Yurik Schaedenfreude Von Angst out of this! Besides, Kai is totally straight, I guarantee you he has put absolutely no thought about my teddy bear and he’s certainly never quizzed me about its name.”

Arthur's Log

Ever since my interview with Amaterasu, I have to prove to her that I can be a team player and have good work ethics. It is for this reason that I took the job my mother got for me as my step-father’s secretary. That and I did not want to “spit” on my moms attempts to help me out, I know she means well and I love her for what she does for me. I have to be able to put up with all these demeaning tasks to show that I can take it as much as I can dish it out. Hopefully this will earn me enough good karma or whatever passes for karma in this pantheon to show others that I am worthy or more than what I am doing. So begins day one of this job that will be a personal hell.

Day 1
Yup, this is exactly what I expected it to be: hell on earth. Or heaven… Still, as far as first days go, thank goodness I have a hakama and thanks and praise be to Amaterasu that I have a mastery over Illusions. I can at least wear whatever I want. Which gives me an idea. If I am supposed to wear such a degrading outfit, the least I can do is keep practicing my Illusions. I still have my dignity damnit!

Day 5
Pops doesn’t seem to suspect that I am using any magic to give the appearance he demands I have. And if he does, I wonder why he doesn’t say anything. Either way, I am looking forward to the weekend. I may be in heaven, but for my own sanity I will do my best to treat this like I was back on Earth. I found out that Cassie is staying close, and considering the Betrayal of my last group of friends, I could use some company. Maybe I can get Zach and Aoi to come visit as well.

Day 8
Son of the goddess of revelries indeed. Even if it was just us 4, it was still so much fun to relax and be amongst friends. Cassie told me about Kai’s post. Stuck in Antarctica, that must be boring. I kinda feel bad for being mad at him, well that and I am really mostly upset at Asahi. I should give Sam a call and see how she is doing.

Day 15
I never realized how routine and bureaucratic Heaven was. I admit I miss the hustle and bustle of Earth and being a Scion dealing with all the issues. I hope the Hollowed King isn’t causing too much trouble back home. At this point I wonder if I will ever get to face off with him any time soon. Also, I have a date with Sam tonight, looking forward to more… contact.

Day 33
Zach and I have been hanging out a lot lately. It’s nice to have my best friend back, even if he can be a royal pain the ass. Still, even if he isn’t the same guy from before anymore, it’s just nice that I am not alone. I cannot imagine myself without any friends.

Day 155
Found out I can make/have a Sanctum. This is genuinely fantastic. I now have my own little personal “godly” corner of heaven. This shall allow me plenty of time to hone my craft and seek safe haven. I am hoping it can grow as time and I progress.

Day 156
Found a decent apartment in the Commons of heaven. A small 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment. I am just glad I can have one inside the city. Better than being in the Outlands. All the spirits around will give me plenty of opportunities to practice my illusions.

Note to self: Need to find a perfect spot to always have access to the stars. I can barely use those powers with Amaterasu at the helm.

Day 165
So Amy’s “term” in office seems to have ended. I can use my star powers without limitations now. This is a welcome change to a degree. Still need to find an optimal location for when she is back in office.

Day 403
Been at this job for over a year now. Despite the demeaning tasks that my Father makes me do, I have met a lot of gods. Some as minor as river and road gods. Of all the people I’ve met, Wun Ja is one of the most important and certainly best connections I’ve made. She is the one of the minster’s of communication. She seems to have no presence of Earth but she is a very important person here in Heaven. I have also developed a rapport with Asahi’s and Kai’s “bosses.”

In short, I have met a very many gods and we know each other on a first name basis. In fact I have frequent lunch dates with Wun Ja. Seems like being a “go-to” man is a good opportunity for me. Even if it’s with my old man, his being an O-kami has it’s benefits.

more to come….

Plague in the Mililani Mire! Dr. Jackson Orders a Quarantine!

Plague in the Mililani Mire! Dr. Jackson Orders a Quarantine!

Day 3: Dr Jackson is currently working on a cure for the plague. Millilani Mire is still under a quarantine.

Asahi's new conviction

While Asahi was treating people from the school shooting he reflected on his actions and the future. As a Scion eventually he will have to cut ties with mortals and take on a divine task (or something). Looking rationally at the shooting and his normal out look what is the difference between the Hallowed King (Rory Rollins) killing someone and his mother killing someone. Asahi has already concluded that death is a part of life and has to happen so the world itself can survive. Life is not fair and sometimes you have to draw the short straw. After much thought He came to a conclusion. He would dictate the fate of those around him. He would decide who lived or died. For now he would grant Gods a pass since they are at a level he cannot yet reach, but Hallowed King did kill those around him, and without his permission. For that the Hallowed King must be destroyed. With the knowledge that Asahi has, he knows that he will need an army to take on the minions of his target. He is also sure that he can get Kai and Shicho to help enact his judgement based on their reactions.

Now that Asahi has the start of a plan he needs to make preparations. His first task is to acquire corpses to become his army. and the second task is to find the Hallowed King. For the first task Asahi will attempt to convince Kai’s sisters to give him their victims, and do some grave robbing, doing his best to avoid the Hallowed King’s minions since the may be protecting graveyards. As for hiding his army he will have them bury each other in the forest. The graves will be shallow so each can get up without hindrance.
For the second task Asahi will have to find some salamanders and convince them to keep watch for him and let him know if the hallowed king appears. Once a target is found he will point his army and claim the Hallowed King’s soul so he can send it to hell with a grin. After that… well doors are opening for him and more open as he gets stronger.


Funeral services will be held on Saturday afternoon at 1 o’clock at the Kabarov Church for Ms. Kelly Jules who died on the 9th of September during the mass shooting that occurred at the University of Honolulu. She was among one of he many victims who fell at the hands of Roy Rollins.

Ms. Jules was 19 years old at the time of her death. Born in Cleveland, Ohio on the 10th of January and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii 2 years ago.

She is survived by her cousin Lav Rosen and her long term boyfriend Shicho “Arthur” Gensou. She has no children and both her parents are deceased.

O'ahu Terror Attacks: 91 dead, Rory Rollins responsible

By Charlie M. Marshall, Jane Harkness and Kwang-Su Lee. Additional local reporting by James Webb and Rebekah Ng.

Honolulu, Hawaii (CNN) – America’s most infamous terrorist, Rory Rollins, along with a party of compatriots, has gunned down 84 people at the University of Hawai’i in Manoa. An additional 7 people were killed at a follow up bombing in the district of Kaka’ako. It is one of the worst school shootings recorded and places Rollins as the deadliest domestic terrorist and mass murderer in American history.

Read the latest developments at

According to local reporters and survivors of the attack, Rollins, along with four companions calling themselves the ‘Bible Rangers’, entered the lecture hall at the Hamilton Library near the end of a presentation on burn victims by local doctor, Asahi Jackson. Rollins, disguised in a mask, threatened Jackson and called him a ‘pagan’ and a ‘heathen’ before the panicking crowd began to flee and fight back, disrupting the terrorists’ plan.

After a short while, Rollins opened fire on the crowd with a mechanical marionette with a mounted gatling gun, killing 84 people, including 5 professors and 8 security personnel. At least 50 more people were wounded in the attack. In the ensuing chaos, one of Rollins’ party was killed, while Rollins and the other three escaped. They remain at large, though a statewide manhunt is being conducted.

Shortly after the shooting at the University, a car bomb ignited in the Honolulu industrial district known as Kaka’ako in front of an office building of Fortune Holdings, a subsidiary of Vivid Design, Inc. An additional 7 people were killed in this attack and another 12 wounded.

“This was an organized attack, conducted by a man with a singular hate towards the good people of Hawai’i,” said Honolulu Police Chief Thomas Wu. The attack has been declared a hate crime by multiple agencies. Authorities have said that, despite previous failures, that they have ‘promising leads’ into Rollins’ location. Shinto shrines, as well as other non-Catholic places of worship, have been placed under watch by Hawai’i police.

The Deadliest Domestic Terrorist

Rollins, who is now the deadliest domestic terrorist in American history, has risen in the ranks of various global law enforcement agencies as of the attack. Though he already topped the FBI Most Wanted list, he has now gained that position with Interpol and the European Security Council. He is considered responsible for the deaths of over 300 American citizens.

Rollins was born in San Diego, California and was raised by a single mother, the now deceased Mary Rollins. Rollins moved to Hawai’i at the age of 19 to attend university at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa for two years before dropping out and joining the U.S. Navy.

He received many commendations during his time in the military, including being made an All-American swimmer. He retired his commission at the age of 27, after 6 years in the military. He began working as an underwater welder off the coast of Honolulu before disappearing from public record.

Soon afterwards, he began a string of terrorist attacks on the state of Hawai’i, including a violent attack on a local bus station and a shooting at Kapolei High School.

The University Attack

Rollins’ motivations for beginning his terrorist attacks on Hawai’i were always mysterious in the past, but the assault on his own alma mater has brought new information to life. During this attack, Rollins spouted clearly religious rhetoric, calling his victims ‘pagans’ and ‘heathens’ consistently. In addition, the mechanism used to shoot the gatling guns were decorated to resemble Jesus Christ with Rollins referring to the device as his ‘mecha-Jesus.’

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Rollins has not expressed any form of religious hatred before, though experts agree that he has always been a practicing Catholic. “This latest attack shows an evolution in killing,” terrorist expert Sayid al-Aadi says. “He began as a selfish killer, one who did it for himself. Now, he has moved on and is killing for God. This makes him considerably more dangerous and he will almost certainly try something even bolder next time.”

Rollins, as well as his companions, were calling themselves the ‘Bible Rangers,’ and were reportedly quoting scripture during their attack on Dr. Jackson for supposedly being a pagan. Dr. Jackson has declined to speak about his religious affiliation, though several former patients have identified him as a practitioner of the Shinto faith. Each member of the terrorist group was dressed in a different color outfit allowing them to resemble the heroes from the popular children’s television show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The production company behind the show, Saban Entertainment, has released a statement condemning the attack and Rollins, and expressing disgust that their show was used to inspire such violence.

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Car bombing

Shortly after the shooting at the university, a car bomb ignited outside of the Kaka’ako branch of Fortune Holdings. This follow-up attack killed an additional 7 people and wounded 12 more, most of whom were employees of the company, as well as damaging some of the infrastructure of the area. Rollins’ motivations for this secondary attack remain unclear, though many have assumed it was a form of distraction to tie up law enforcement and allow him to escape more efficiently.

The CEO of Fortune Holdings’ parent company, Michelle Sato, has declined to comment.


For most of the attack, Rollins wore a mask. He was only identified after the attack by local celebrity and surfing champion, Kai Kea, who, according to eyewitnesses, fought with the attackers inside the hall in an attempt to save his friend, Dr. Jackson. He ran to help after Jackson accidentally called his number when attempting to call the police without drawing Rollins’ attention.

Kea’s involvement has drawn criticism from some media outlets due to his past connection with Rollins. The two were roommates for a semester during their time at university. Many past associates have noted that the two were close friends, often being seen at the campus gym together. Critics have pointed out that Kea had no reason to be on campus that day and may be colluding with Rollins. Defenders of Kea have pointed out that Kea has denounced Rollins for years and that no part of his story conflicts with what other eyewitnesses have reported. Chief Wu has publicly stated: “we have no reason to suspect Mr. Kea at this time. In fact, we at the Hawai’i Police applaud his bravery, as well as that of other members of the crowd who attempted to save others, and believe that their courage and skill saved many lives, including that of Dr. Jackson.”

Despite multiple attempts, Kea has refused full interviews with both local and national news outlets. His only official statement thus far reads: “I was there. I tried to help. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.”

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As of publication, 91 people have died as a result of the attacks. At least 60 more have been wounded, with 8 currently in intensive care at the Valeska Khabarov Hospital in downtown Honolulu.

Among the dead are Peter J. Ross, author of multiple books on Polynesian mythology and professor at the University, and Hana Hirono, granddaughter of former state senator, Aiko Hirano. The youngest victim is 16-year old Erin Chavez, a tourist visiting the university as she was considering attending college there. For a full list of the dead as more information becomes available, check the main page at

Considerable damage to the Hamilton Library has occurred, though a spokesperson for the university has stated that rebuilding the library along with a memorial for the victims is a top priority for the school. “Despite this horror, we will recover,” University Dean Francis Moore said. “We do not bow to religious extremism and terror. The University of Hawai’i and the great city of Honolulu will remain a jewel of the Pacific and a bastion of diversity and progress. For all those that have lost loved ones, I ask you to remember that all of our hearts are with you. You are not alone.”

If you have any information on the current whereabouts of Rory Rollins, or the identity of any of his compatriots, please call this dedicated hotline number immediately: (808) 961-2244.

Asahi's log 2

Well… other then being teleport to an active volcano and getting a mad Aumakua to not kill everyone. I was able to procure the items needed to cure Joshua of his lycanthropy, he will be able to return to his home soon. Now I just have to worry about the ghost’s issues… not fun.

September 2

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a little while. It’s been a busy week, but I can’t possibly sleep right now, so this seems like a perfect time to get caught up with entries. That said I’m really, really, really tired and I’m totally gonna kill Rin when she wakes up… I get that a lot of people sleep talk, but who on earth sleep whispers? It’s just creepy and its right in my ear and no-one in the world can sleep when you’re sharing a bed with that.

Anyway, I arrived on O’ahu relatively stress free and while I’ve only been here a few days I can’t help but miss my little home on Ni’ihau. I’m surrounded by people here – mostly by sisters – and they are already driving me insane and one of them isn’t even here yet. I moved out to Ni’ihau, so I would NOT be bugged by all of them. They’re just so clingy. I get it, we’re sisters and we’re supposed to love each other, but it’s not like I grew up with them and I like a little seclusion in my life. It’s not exactly an easy experience to suddenly found out that your mother is an ancient snow demon and you’ve got an insatiable desire to sleep with men and devour their warmth… and one of the ways I deal with that is through privacy… and I have NONE here. NONE. I mean, I like some company and flaunting my assets as much as the next supernaturally hot chick, I just wanna be able to shove on some lounge pants and lounge with a tub of Rocky Road and a Hemsworth brother movie every now and again… and I just CAN’T here.

But, Rei says it is important to be here. Something about a werewolf, I think… but, she’s cool. I mean, so cool and so freaking pretty. She completely gets me and if she says it’s important, it’s important. So, I’m here and I’m dealing and I’m fine. Honestly. In fact, I might even be enjoying it a little… I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to have girls around.

Anyway, I finally got to meet Kai. He’s not really what I expected. The way mother talked about him on her visits, I sort of expected him to be this impossibly driven, unspeakably powerful, half-god of a man. I mean, even Rei speaks of him like he’s a slice of perfection. But, in reality, he’s kind of… well, I don’t know… lazy? I guess. Maybe laid back is the better word. Everyone has these massive expectations of him – mother talks about him like he’s going to be the next Susano’o or something, but he seems more interested in surfing or working out or watching TV. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice enough guy and he’s got a hell of a body, but he’s not exactly godly.

My other roommates are disappointments as well. The little guy’s kinda cute, in that dorky kinda way – Shicho’s his name. I’d have him – the dorks are always so grateful for the attention. But, Ruri’s claimed dibs and she’s not one to mess with. Plus, he’s taken. Well, kinda. He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to his so-called girlfriend… I mean, he stares at Ruri a LOT and I’m almost positive he forgot his girlfriend’s name yesterday when he walked in on about five of us grabbing breakfast from the fridge in our pajamas. It was kinda funny actually – she was there watching some stupid soap opera with Kai and he walked in. She said ‘good morning,’ and he made a sound like ‘uurururrrrgghh’ and then stammered through an absolutely painful attempt at pretending he wasn’t shocked to see us – I mean, most of us sleep in lingerie and some in even less (Rain can be kinda slutty sometimes, even by my standards). It was super awkward and super cute. Ruri was with us. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t jump his bones right then and there.

The girlfriend, Kelly, I think, is fine, I guess. Kinda dull. Nothing special. I’m not really sure why she’s here. She doesn’t do much. There’s also the mummy guy – Asahi – he’s a doctor. He’s not over as much as the other two and he’s nice, I guess, even if he is ugly as sin. I try and stay away from him – Rei warned me against him; she said he was some kind of super-freak, like a scary-demon-thing (I know, pot calling kettle), but Rieri seems to like him – she always lights up when he walks in; she was always the romantic one. Kai had another girl round at one point too. A reporter, I think. They went somewhere as soon as she arrived and he didn’t get back until the next morning. Lucky bitch. At least someone’s getting laid.

Rei says we’re moving out soon. She says mother forced Kai to look for a new place for us all – she’s pissed; she LOVES it here. But, I’m super happy about it. He’s got some money on him – maybe he’ll get us all a decent sized place and I won’t have to share a bed with freaking Rin again. Please. I just want to sleep without her whispering sweet nothings to an imaginary Austin Mahone into MY ear. I mean, hopefully, this whole thing will blow over soon and I’ll get to go home, but it would be cool to have a place we can share for family reunions and the like. I know I complain a lot, but I DO like them. All of them. I mean, a girl’s night out with the lot of us rocks the freaking world! Getting together, every now and then, that will be totally cool. I mean, just not ALL the time. What is it that Kai always says? ‘Ohana.’ He says it means family and I guess that’s what we are in a messed-up, demon-blooded kinda way. Although, I do wish he’d remember he’s a Japanese half-god every now and then – the way he babbles on, you’d think he was descended from one of those Polynesian weirdos.

He is right though. We’re family. I gotta stop complaining about home and start embracing the time I have with my girls. Maybe we can do loungepants, Rocky Road and a Hemsworth movie together. Or maybe we’ll do the stereotypical movie thing and have a pillowfight in our underwear – if only to make Shicho freak out, then stammer around awkwardly for twenty minutes after he ‘accidentally’ walks in the room. LOL.

I’ll write again soon. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.



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