Olympus by Night

To-Do List 2

1. Get better at writing these lists. I know I’ve been busy, but I’m supposed to be good at this organization thing.

2. I need a new car. I’m thinking an Audi TT this time. In cherry red, of course.

3. Jimmy’s asked for some time off in order to spend time with his new beau. The man is indispensable, but I need to make sure he gets it. He deserves it.

4. Find a way to please Cassie and fit this divine image idea without getting rid of my heels. Why don’t people understand? I like my damn heels.

5. Mother wants me to ruin Father’s new relationship with this Jules woman. I can’t truly understand her affection for him, but it’s pretty clear that this is my quest – something all divinities give to their children and I’m not risking any godly wrath (or my own future potential) for some golddigger that Father’s hung up on. I’ve entered into a deal with Bragi, the Norse God of Romance, in order to make her fall for some other sucker, then I’ll give her the push to call off this accursed wedding.

6. As per my new arrangement with Bragi, I have to find someone in this resort to be my true love, whatever that means. Sylvester seems like a potential, though he’s obviously a little squirmy, though someone descended from the Japanese would make things easier politically. I still have four days left.

7. What the hell is an affinity? Find out!

8. Also, you owe Cassie one hell of an apology.

Lav's Hunt

Here is the story of how Lav with his trusty sidekick Ruby hunted down 12 of the 13 escaped ghosts!

1. The first ghost was was found by a cave in the O’ahu National Park. For some reason it could not enter and Lav was able to weaken it from range and Ruby destroyed it’s link with the mortal plane.

2. The second ghost was found by some office building it was also a pretty easy to defeat, but a strange occurrence happened shortly afterwords. As Lav and Ruby were leaving Lav noticed Arther run into the building while being chased by a hoard of small demon creatures named Manahuna. Lav followed but was stuck at the front by the mob. Ruby tanked the little asses while Lav got what employees he could find out. Once most of the normal people were out Lav and Ruby retreated. Ruby seemed to work out some anger on the mob.

3-7. Another easy fight that took place in a destroyed section of the graveyard at Barbers Point. A couple interesting points here are 1. the graveyard was recently destroyed, maybe within 2 hours of Lav’s arrival, 2. the ghosts were mostly defeated and the finishing blow just had to be delivered, 3. there was a heavily mutilated rabbit corpse in a bicycle basket.

8. This ghost was found near a museum saying something about a gem. Right after Lav and Ruby defeated it Alarms started blaring in the museum and 2 people ran out. Later it was discovered that the infamous Rory had struck again stealing a gem from the museum.

9. This one was a pain. It had armored itself and was near a fire station. Lav was able to pierce the armor and the ghost was defeated as a giant fire breathing spider ignited it. Lav and Ruby quickly departed form the area.

10. Was at a beach near a warewolf’s house. The warewolf in question didn’t seem to mind us and let us take care of the ghost as he repaired his roof. I think he didn’t mind after he saw how Ruby cleared the minefield near his house.

11-12. These two teamed up and were the hardest ones by far. The only reason Lav and Ruby won was because of the giant solar flare that seemed to incinerate the ghosts. Lav and Ruby had to quickly take cover but Lav still got a pretty nasty sunburn which was strange since he seems to be immune to most fire.

Before the 13th ghost, the Hallowed King, could be found Lav got summoned to some sort of God convention.

Chet's future
Random thoughts

After Chet talked with Amaterasu and Susanno, he realized that the chances of him living completely on his own terms was very unlikely. He realized that when Amaterasu compared life and the machinations of gods, to that of Go she was all to accurate. Everything is getting a leg up on your enemies… and allies. Then when Chet talked with Susanno and was offered one of his daughters, Chet could only wonder whet else Susanno would get.

The problem is that unless Chet can find another way to help Uzume, since she help get Misfortune off his back, he might have to take Susanno up on his offer.

The last option that Chet can see for himself is to just leave. Leave the sword, Usagi, Swiftdeath, and the others and go back to just living on the outside of society. The perk is that he would only have to worry about himself again. The downside is that it is doubtful that everyone would let him, since he is a son of Amaterasu the leader of the Japanese Gods… Stupid power and responsibility…

Chet's penitence

Post Solar Flare

After Amaterasu healed Olfen, Chet noticed that there was a lot of damage caused to the surrounding area. After he bid farewell to Olfen, Chet got a ride from Isumi back to Pearl City. There he saw the part of the price that was paid for the prayer that he made in haste. Though Chet never had a strong connection to those around him he felt bad for what happened. Instead of going into hiding, as others might, he went out and helped as much as he could. He volunteered at shelters and extended the life of any generators that he could with his power. He did this until he received a letter from Amaterasu directing him to attend a gathering.
The day prior to the gathering Chet had Usagi teach him some etiquette so he would not make to much of a fool of himself in front of Amaterasu. Chet hopes that he will learn what he needs to do to to repay the debt he incurred for getting Olfen healed. He hates owing anyone and wants to paid the debt quickly.

To-Do List
July 9th, 2015

1. The Valkyries claim to have finished repairs on the main hall following the solar damage, but I need to personally double check the whole structure for any flaws they may have missed, particularly the east wall and the fourth and fifth floors. We cannot have another event like this happen so close to the ribbon cutting.

2. Paperwork for the official hiring of Cassandra Crawley must be completed by this weekend. I also need to have Jimmy run her through the ins and outs of the company and the architecture business to make sure she does not feel too uncomfortable.

3. Repair any and all damage that may have occurred to the golf course. This needs to be a top priority. Several divinities attending the convention have shown an interest in the golf course.

4. I need to know more about this stone of Amaterasu that Cassandra gave me. What happens when all seven are assembled? Am I in any danger holding it? Why do so many people desire them?

5. I need to know what type of tea or coffee Mother drinks. I feel rude not being able to provide her with a favorite.

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