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To-Do List
July 9th, 2015

1. The Valkyries claim to have finished repairs on the main hall following the solar damage, but I need to personally double check the whole structure for any flaws they may have missed, particularly the east wall and the fourth and fifth floors. We cannot have another event like this happen so close to the ribbon cutting.

2. Paperwork for the official hiring of Cassandra Crawley must be completed by this weekend. I also need to have Jimmy run her through the ins and outs of the company and the architecture business to make sure she does not feel too uncomfortable.

3. Repair any and all damage that may have occurred to the golf course. This needs to be a top priority. Several divinities attending the convention have shown an interest in the golf course.

4. I need to know more about this stone of Amaterasu that Cassandra gave me. What happens when all seven are assembled? Am I in any danger holding it? Why do so many people desire them?

5. I need to know what type of tea or coffee Mother drinks. I feel rude not being able to provide her with a favorite.

Chet's penitence

Post Solar Flare

After Amaterasu healed Olfen, Chet noticed that there was a lot of damage caused to the surrounding area. After he bid farewell to Olfen, Chet got a ride from Isumi back to Pearl City. There he saw the part of the price that was paid for the prayer that he made in haste. Though Chet never had a strong connection to those around him he felt bad for what happened. Instead of going into hiding, as others might, he went out and helped as much as he could. He volunteered at shelters and extended the life of any generators that he could with his power. He did this until he received a letter from Amaterasu directing him to attend a gathering.
The day prior to the gathering Chet had Usagi teach him some etiquette so he would not make to much of a fool of himself in front of Amaterasu. Chet hopes that he will learn what he needs to do to to repay the debt he incurred for getting Olfen healed. He hates owing anyone and wants to paid the debt quickly.

Chet's future
Random thoughts

After Chet talked with Amaterasu and Susanno, he realized that the chances of him living completely on his own terms was very unlikely. He realized that when Amaterasu compared life and the machinations of gods, to that of Go she was all to accurate. Everything is getting a leg up on your enemies… and allies. Then when Chet talked with Susanno and was offered one of his daughters, Chet could only wonder whet else Susanno would get.

The problem is that unless Chet can find another way to help Uzume, since she help get Misfortune off his back, he might have to take Susanno up on his offer.

The last option that Chet can see for himself is to just leave. Leave the sword, Usagi, Swiftdeath, and the others and go back to just living on the outside of society. The perk is that he would only have to worry about himself again. The downside is that it is doubtful that everyone would let him, since he is a son of Amaterasu the leader of the Japanese Gods… Stupid power and responsibility…

Lav's Hunt

Here is the story of how Lav with his trusty sidekick Ruby hunted down 12 of the 13 escaped ghosts!

1. The first ghost was was found by a cave in the O’ahu National Park. For some reason it could not enter and Lav was able to weaken it from range and Ruby destroyed it’s link with the mortal plane.

2. The second ghost was found by some office building it was also a pretty easy to defeat, but a strange occurrence happened shortly afterwords. As Lav and Ruby were leaving Lav noticed Arther run into the building while being chased by a hoard of small demon creatures named Manahuna. Lav followed but was stuck at the front by the mob. Ruby tanked the little asses while Lav got what employees he could find out. Once most of the normal people were out Lav and Ruby retreated. Ruby seemed to work out some anger on the mob.

3-7. Another easy fight that took place in a destroyed section of the graveyard at Barbers Point. A couple interesting points here are 1. the graveyard was recently destroyed, maybe within 2 hours of Lav’s arrival, 2. the ghosts were mostly defeated and the finishing blow just had to be delivered, 3. there was a heavily mutilated rabbit corpse in a bicycle basket.

8. This ghost was found near a museum saying something about a gem. Right after Lav and Ruby defeated it Alarms started blaring in the museum and 2 people ran out. Later it was discovered that the infamous Rory had struck again stealing a gem from the museum.

9. This one was a pain. It had armored itself and was near a fire station. Lav was able to pierce the armor and the ghost was defeated as a giant fire breathing spider ignited it. Lav and Ruby quickly departed form the area.

10. Was at a beach near a warewolf’s house. The warewolf in question didn’t seem to mind us and let us take care of the ghost as he repaired his roof. I think he didn’t mind after he saw how Ruby cleared the minefield near his house.

11-12. These two teamed up and were the hardest ones by far. The only reason Lav and Ruby won was because of the giant solar flare that seemed to incinerate the ghosts. Lav and Ruby had to quickly take cover but Lav still got a pretty nasty sunburn which was strange since he seems to be immune to most fire.

Before the 13th ghost, the Hallowed King, could be found Lav got summoned to some sort of God convention.

To-Do List 2

1. Get better at writing these lists. I know I’ve been busy, but I’m supposed to be good at this organization thing.

2. I need a new car. I’m thinking an Audi TT this time. In cherry red, of course.

3. Jimmy’s asked for some time off in order to spend time with his new beau. The man is indispensable, but I need to make sure he gets it. He deserves it.

4. Find a way to please Cassie and fit this divine image idea without getting rid of my heels. Why don’t people understand? I like my damn heels.

5. Mother wants me to ruin Father’s new relationship with this Jules woman. I can’t truly understand her affection for him, but it’s pretty clear that this is my quest – something all divinities give to their children and I’m not risking any godly wrath (or my own future potential) for some golddigger that Father’s hung up on. I’ve entered into a deal with Bragi, the Norse God of Romance, in order to make her fall for some other sucker, then I’ll give her the push to call off this accursed wedding.

6. As per my new arrangement with Bragi, I have to find someone in this resort to be my true love, whatever that means. Sylvester seems like a potential, though he’s obviously a little squirmy, though someone descended from the Japanese would make things easier politically. I still have four days left.

7. What the hell is an affinity? Find out!

8. Also, you owe Cassie one hell of an apology.

Round Table News

Arthur’s Log: August 26th

Before waking up today, I swear I was physically at my mother’s house. Pops was there too, reading a gaming newspaper. DIdn’t even know such a thing existed, must look into that. Anyways, the fact that I had some form of… astral projection to my mom’s house is a good sign.

Since it’s been more than a year since the god-con, I’ve yet to figure out where my mom actually is. I have to look into how I can harness this power and use it. I may even be able to use it with other gods other than my mom, like with Amy…

Still no signs of my old friends. Michelle is probably off running some business. Chet has seemingly disappeared into thin air, not that that would be uncommon in our lives. >.> And Rory, well I can only assume he is laying low or hiding to let the bad press he’s gotten over the last year die down.

Speaking of Rory, I bumped into an old classmate of his. Big guy, in every sense. Hugely into surfing. Seems like a cool dude. Son of one of the Calamity Kami. Not sure how I feel about him yet, but he’s willing to help me out by letting me and Kelly crash in his guest room, so he’s clearly a good person. Looks like things might be looking up for me, finally.

Turns out the doc with Sammy at the clinic down stairs is a scion too. I may not be able to replace my old friends, but it’s nice to make new ones again.

In other news, I must look into the 4 Amy stones. My 2 new friends seem to be looking for them. First chance I get, I need to research them to help them out. But first, there is something odd going on at the volcano. Just another day in Scion paradise…

An Exclusive Interview with a Surfing Sensation

Article and Photos by Rebekah Ng.

After catching an all-too-brief glimpse of Kai Kea surfing on Ko’olina Beach, I managed to entice the famously elusive surfer into an exclusive interview. A couple days later, and with a little determination on my part since I had absent-mindedly forgotten to set up a time and place at our first meeting, I caught up with Hawaii’s waterside wonder in a small beach bar on a glorious, if sweltering, morning.

As I get us a table on the sand and set up my equipment, the giant of a man grabs the two of us a beer and some nachos for the two of us to share. He’s wearing a simple, but colorful, swimsuit and an open Hawaiian shirt that shows off his well-honed muscles, still glistening from the ocean. He puts on a pair of aviator sunglasses, smiles effortlessly and gestures for me to begin.

N: So, Kai, the Annual Quicksilver Surf Championships are due to take place next week. You’re the defending champion and it’s on your home turf. Are you going to come home with the trophy again?

K: Well, y’know, here’s hoping.

N: Anyone you’re afraid of out there?

K: I’m wouldn’t say afraid, but there’s always good competition out there. Santiago’s good. So’s Fraire. So’s Sbraga… and Jones. I’m just gonna go out there, do my best and see what the waves bring me. I’m sure the other guys’ll do the same. It’s gonna be fun.

N: So, I, I mean our readers, would love to get to know you a little better.

K: What do you wanna know?

N: Oh, wow. Where to start? Um… You’re a local boy, right? How was your childhood?

K: Not quite local. I grew up on Moloka’i. My da was a fisherman there; used to spend most of my days on his boat and on the water, y’know? He taught me how to surf, but I passed him up pretty quick.

N: Where is your father now?

K: He passed a couple years ago. He was out on his boat when that solar flare hit. He didn’t make it home.

N: I’m so sorry.

K: It’s alrigh’. Y’know, he lived a good life and died doing what he loved. Not a bad way to go, all things saying.

N: Is that how you want to go? On the water? Surfing?

K: Honestly, I’d rather not go at all. I ain’t done here yet.

N: So, I can’t help by notice your tattoos. I see you have a Japanese kami gate there, but your family is all native Hawaiian.

K: Well, not quite all. My ma’s Japanese. This gate’s evening things out, y’know? I got the Polynesian sleeve on my left for my da, and the gate for my ma on the right. Balance and all.

N: Are you close with your mother?

K: I suppose. Her job keeps her pretty busy, but she visits when she can. We’re cool.

N: Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to fast forward a bit. People don’t seem to realize you’re really very smart. You graduated from university right here on Oah’u. Why did you choose to go to college when your surfing career had already taken off?

K: Ah, well, um… I just wanted to know stuff, I guess. That doesn’t sound right…. I just wanted to know how the body worked. I wanted to be able to stay fit longer and stay surfing longer by knowing how my body works and what it needs.

N: I don’t mean to offend you, but I have to ask. Is it true, that in college, you were roommates with the terrorist Rory Rollins?

K: Ah, man… Yeah, yeah. For one semester. Look, I’ll tell you what I told everyone else who asked. He seemed cool, we used to hit the gym together and such; I had no clue back then that he would become the man that he did. Maybe that’s a lapse of judgment on my part, I dunno, but I haven’ seen him in five years and I hope I never see him again. Simple as that. He ain’t something I’m proud of. Can we move on?

N: Of course. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.

K: You didn’t. I ain’t mad. You’re doing you, that’s all anyone can ask of anyone. I just wish people would let me be me, y’know? I ain’t Rollins. One poorly chosen former friend doesn’t define me.

N: Before we go, there are a couple of local rumors I’d like to address.

K: OK. Sure.

N: You’ve been seen spending a lot of time at the Matsuda Local Clinic here and one of the doctors there has been seen sporting a rather… intimate… tattoo of you. Is there a romance blossoming there?

K: Haha, no. She’s just a big fan that asked for a weird gift and it weren’t any skin off my back. That whole clinic’s cool. They looked after my ma the last time she was in town and I’m cool with one of the other docs too. I’ve donated some equipment and, if anyone wants to do something decent, they could really use a new AC unit. They’re cool folks, doing decent work. I’ll keep helping out if they’ll have me.

N: Who wouldn’t have you? Finally, there’s been rumors of you taking on a local boy as an apprentice. Are you teaching people how to surf now? Can I get a private lesson?

K: Nah, nah, I ain’t teaching people. At least, not properly or by appointment or anything. But, he’s a good kid, who was on the beach when I was and I don’t mind sharing some pointers. As for your lesson, sure… why not? I think there’s a couple more good waves out there today. You got a swimsuit?

N: Uh, no….

K: Shame…

N: But, I can make it work.

K: Huh. OK. Uh… sure. Let’s do it.

My interviewee gets up, his muscles rippling as he downs the rest of his beer and goes to grab his board. He smiles again – a gestures that lights his face with an impressive warmth. As I prepare myself for an impromptu lesson with a titan of the surf, this reporter reassures the great state of Hawai’i that despite a laidback attitude and an imperfect past, Kai Kea is a gentle giant who will make his home state immensely proud in the upcoming competition and in many more to come.

Rebekah Ng, reporting for the Honolulu Star

Asahi's log

Log 1:
Well today was interesting… started with my morning run strait into saving a kid with a mangled leg. followed by Kagutsuchi visiting (killing my AC in the process), and being told the the kid whose leg i saved is also poisoned with a craptasticly annoying poison. Was visited by a ghost. Then a massive guy (muscles not fat) brought in another kid. Guy is named Kai happens to be a scion. then found out his mother Yukifuri is literally melting. Then while transporting Yukifuri back to the clinic some Menehune run us off the road into another plain. Met Kagutsuchi again, and she was kind enough to open the door back to our plain. Ran into some kid named Shicho that the ghost happens to know, and might me useful in getting another item needed to cure the poisoned kid. Oh yea the most normal thing is some guy swallowed a pool ball and it got stuck in his ass. that was my normal…..

September 2

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a little while. It’s been a busy week, but I can’t possibly sleep right now, so this seems like a perfect time to get caught up with entries. That said I’m really, really, really tired and I’m totally gonna kill Rin when she wakes up… I get that a lot of people sleep talk, but who on earth sleep whispers? It’s just creepy and its right in my ear and no-one in the world can sleep when you’re sharing a bed with that.

Anyway, I arrived on O’ahu relatively stress free and while I’ve only been here a few days I can’t help but miss my little home on Ni’ihau. I’m surrounded by people here – mostly by sisters – and they are already driving me insane and one of them isn’t even here yet. I moved out to Ni’ihau, so I would NOT be bugged by all of them. They’re just so clingy. I get it, we’re sisters and we’re supposed to love each other, but it’s not like I grew up with them and I like a little seclusion in my life. It’s not exactly an easy experience to suddenly found out that your mother is an ancient snow demon and you’ve got an insatiable desire to sleep with men and devour their warmth… and one of the ways I deal with that is through privacy… and I have NONE here. NONE. I mean, I like some company and flaunting my assets as much as the next supernaturally hot chick, I just wanna be able to shove on some lounge pants and lounge with a tub of Rocky Road and a Hemsworth brother movie every now and again… and I just CAN’T here.

But, Rei says it is important to be here. Something about a werewolf, I think… but, she’s cool. I mean, so cool and so freaking pretty. She completely gets me and if she says it’s important, it’s important. So, I’m here and I’m dealing and I’m fine. Honestly. In fact, I might even be enjoying it a little… I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to have girls around.

Anyway, I finally got to meet Kai. He’s not really what I expected. The way mother talked about him on her visits, I sort of expected him to be this impossibly driven, unspeakably powerful, half-god of a man. I mean, even Rei speaks of him like he’s a slice of perfection. But, in reality, he’s kind of… well, I don’t know… lazy? I guess. Maybe laid back is the better word. Everyone has these massive expectations of him – mother talks about him like he’s going to be the next Susano’o or something, but he seems more interested in surfing or working out or watching TV. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice enough guy and he’s got a hell of a body, but he’s not exactly godly.

My other roommates are disappointments as well. The little guy’s kinda cute, in that dorky kinda way – Shicho’s his name. I’d have him – the dorks are always so grateful for the attention. But, Ruri’s claimed dibs and she’s not one to mess with. Plus, he’s taken. Well, kinda. He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to his so-called girlfriend… I mean, he stares at Ruri a LOT and I’m almost positive he forgot his girlfriend’s name yesterday when he walked in on about five of us grabbing breakfast from the fridge in our pajamas. It was kinda funny actually – she was there watching some stupid soap opera with Kai and he walked in. She said ‘good morning,’ and he made a sound like ‘uurururrrrgghh’ and then stammered through an absolutely painful attempt at pretending he wasn’t shocked to see us – I mean, most of us sleep in lingerie and some in even less (Rain can be kinda slutty sometimes, even by my standards). It was super awkward and super cute. Ruri was with us. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t jump his bones right then and there.

The girlfriend, Kelly, I think, is fine, I guess. Kinda dull. Nothing special. I’m not really sure why she’s here. She doesn’t do much. There’s also the mummy guy – Asahi – he’s a doctor. He’s not over as much as the other two and he’s nice, I guess, even if he is ugly as sin. I try and stay away from him – Rei warned me against him; she said he was some kind of super-freak, like a scary-demon-thing (I know, pot calling kettle), but Rieri seems to like him – she always lights up when he walks in; she was always the romantic one. Kai had another girl round at one point too. A reporter, I think. They went somewhere as soon as she arrived and he didn’t get back until the next morning. Lucky bitch. At least someone’s getting laid.

Rei says we’re moving out soon. She says mother forced Kai to look for a new place for us all – she’s pissed; she LOVES it here. But, I’m super happy about it. He’s got some money on him – maybe he’ll get us all a decent sized place and I won’t have to share a bed with freaking Rin again. Please. I just want to sleep without her whispering sweet nothings to an imaginary Austin Mahone into MY ear. I mean, hopefully, this whole thing will blow over soon and I’ll get to go home, but it would be cool to have a place we can share for family reunions and the like. I know I complain a lot, but I DO like them. All of them. I mean, a girl’s night out with the lot of us rocks the freaking world! Getting together, every now and then, that will be totally cool. I mean, just not ALL the time. What is it that Kai always says? ‘Ohana.’ He says it means family and I guess that’s what we are in a messed-up, demon-blooded kinda way. Although, I do wish he’d remember he’s a Japanese half-god every now and then – the way he babbles on, you’d think he was descended from one of those Polynesian weirdos.

He is right though. We’re family. I gotta stop complaining about home and start embracing the time I have with my girls. Maybe we can do loungepants, Rocky Road and a Hemsworth movie together. Or maybe we’ll do the stereotypical movie thing and have a pillowfight in our underwear – if only to make Shicho freak out, then stammer around awkwardly for twenty minutes after he ‘accidentally’ walks in the room. LOL.

I’ll write again soon. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.



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