Tag: Astaria


  • Astaria, The Olympian

    * Zeno release vote: be given a quest or "community service" In the wake of the Illusionary attack of Aco and the disbursement of the kings, Astaria returns to Olympus with a heavily weighed mind. The incursion of the mortals. The split souls of her …

  • Astaria, Cornelius Cure (Pt. 1)

    Some time after the Conclave of Kings, Astaria found herself thinking back to the last 80 years and what she has been doing for the others and how little she has, despite it being for them, told them about her machinations and wishes for the pantheon. To …

  • Astaria, The Supportive (Pt.2 ) (WIP)

    Immediately after returning from Atlantis and interviewing the available Theoi, Astaria spent a day planning what she would do for James. More so, what would she do for James based on Ophelia's advice to be there for him and and listen. Astaria is not …

  • The Olympian Childhood Home

    After their house burned down once Astaria became Zeus. Either out of spite, or nostalgia or for any other reason Astaria recreated this house as her sanctum. It's pretty much the same as it was as everyone remembers.