Tag: God


  • Tsukiyomi

    bq). - “I’m not strictly speaking, exactly, technically, allowed to be here presently. This is something of an infiltration as it were. So I would greatly appreciate it if questions were kept to a minimum. In return, as I am a strong believer in fair …

  • Sarutahiko Ōkami

    Once, Saru was the supreme god of all earthly kami. However he gave up nearly all his power and his position after seeing Uzume's breasts. While technically the head of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy he's something of a layabout god who shuffles most of …

  • Ebisu

    The firstborn child of Izanagi and Izanami he was cast out to see when they realized he was born with no bones. (God of Jellyfish) Eventually he was accepted by his parents and became the god of fisherman. He is a member of the 7 gods of Fortune and …

  • Anubis

    The judge of the dead who measures the heart of the recently passed against the feather of justice Ma'at. On the day of the flare, he escorted many young scions back from the gates of the underworld.