Tag: Goddess


  • Amaterasu

    Often translated as being merely the goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is the Glowing Radiance of the Heavens and all creation orbits her brilliance. The Queen of the Amatsukami, she is not technically a member of the Bureaus, Terrestrial Bureaucracy, or …

  • Kofuku

    The Goddess of Poverty. One of the seven gods of fortune, Kofuku often masquerades as one of her peers to draw the worship and curse those who would call upon her. Her animal is the spider. She spent several days cursing the members of Shicho's …

  • Yukifuri

    Born to Izanami after her death, Yukifuri is a goddess of Calamity who wreaks havoc each year on the isles of Japan (and now the United States). She spent some time living with and preparing her son for his life as a scion and god.

  • Kagutsuchi

    The Goddess of Fire and Volcanic eruption. Abandoned (or exiled) at birth she is unclear of proper social decorum and often falls to moody silence or awkward pleasantries. When angered her rage is terrible to behold. She's proven crude and rude …