Tag: Terrestrial Bureacuracy


  • Genma

    Genma seems to know most of the minor gods on the island and is popular with most of them. He also seems to know a large number of prostitutes, streetwalkers, drug addicts, bums, and underage girls.

  • Shicho "Arthur" Genso

    BACKGROUNDS Acquaintance Divine Bond O (Malulani) Retainer Retinue Sanctum O Lift: 2 (50 lbs). Throw: 2 (5 m). Perception: 5 (12 m, 12 m, 6 m) Born on July 7th, 1996. Shicho has been a bit of a dreamer since childhood, wondering if there was …

  • Sarutahiko Ōkami

    Once, Saru was the supreme god of all earthly kami. However he gave up nearly all his power and his position after seeing Uzume's breasts. While technically the head of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy he's something of a layabout god who shuffles most of …