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  • Corinth Market

    Corinth was one of the largest centers of trade in ancient Greece. One of their most clever solutions was to create their own coinage. Argos did that as well. But Corinth took it one step further. They opened places where people could trade their money …

  • Problems of the Heart

    Heart problems are a serious medical condition. Anyone who thinks they may be suffering from crushed ribs, pulverized torsos, liquefied organs, or even just a broken heart should seek professional help immediately.

  • Electrocution Therapy

    The Master Bolt is the symbol of Zeus' power, which all other lightning bolts are patterned after. It is the first and most powerful weapon that the Elder Cyclopes made for the Olympian gods.

  • Ada Carson Olympian

    Originally from England she moved with her husband Grif to Washington DC sometime before their children were born. Oleg claimed they arrived in 1877 aboard a ship called the _Herald_. After her husband left Ada held various jobs to try and bring in …

  • Claudius "Grif" Olympian

    He and his wife moved to America before their children were born. He spent some time in prison for theft and spent a few years working at a photography shop. He disappeared shortly after his youngest daughter Astaria was born.

  • Ophelia Olympian

    h4. Attributes Strength: OO _Dexterity_: OOOOO XXX Stamina: OO XX _Charisma_: OOOOO XXXX _Manipulation_: OO XX Appearance: OOOO XX Perception: OO Intelligence: OOO XXX Wits: OOO XXX h4. Abilities h5. War Ballistic Skill: O Initiative …

  • Zeno Olympian

    Highschool: Everyone wanted me on thier team, for sports, but i just didn't want to join them because everyone was to focused on the score. I prefered to just have fun. One day while i was chilling at a skate park finishing homework I saw the greatest …

  • Astaria Olympian

    Internet Handle: GGLoveDiva Height: 5'5" Nationality: American (Born in Washington, DC) Hair: Brown, Light and long. Usually in pony-tails Eyes: Brown, Light Distinguishing features: 2 purplish-pink striped tattoos under each eye (removed) (scars? no …

  • Felix

    Felix Adonis Olympian, was born in 1994 to Claudius & Ada Olympian. His earliest memories as a child are quite happy. His mother was emotionally attentive, but physically distant. Felix remembers her as very warm and supportive, but can count on one …

  • Somme Sabine

    The defacto owner of much of Arlington city. Her public status means much of her life is available online, though these details do little to paint the picture. She is the presided over the transition of MMA to the more ancient gladiatorial …

  • Aulus Platius

    Aulus Plautius was a Roman politician and general of the mid-1st century. When visited by Ophelia he was about to launch a campaign to conquer the British Isles.