NEW BACKGROUND: Acquaintance
After the fall of Mu, the pantheons mystically hid themselves from Creation… a little too well. As a result, the Chosen of Fate have great difficulty forming relationships with mortals. This Background represents time and effort invested an identity on the mortal plane.
Without this Background, mortals never recognize the character. He is always a stranger… and in some places, people don’t like strangers. A character who repeatedly visits mortal and makes some effort to be memorable can earn friendly smile and nod of recognition, even if the mortal never bring a name to mind and only thinks of her as
woman. After enough exposure to the character, some mortals might even think of him when he isn’t around or remember his name in person.
The character decides how her mortals view her: they may think of her as the woman who tells the stories or that merchant who always has sweets for kids. There is no support for these front identities: an acquaintance who decides to visit that “cloth merchant” for his daughter’s wedding can’t find her store, but he won’t think much of it afterward.
Acquaintance is how a young god connects to the world… but is also how he hides from it.

Beings with enough epic perception are able to detect legend usage, Particularly the legend of beings from other pantheons. Using Acquaintance allows a god to slip under the radar, Denying others the ability to detect you until you act out of your role.

Gods increase this Background through a great expenditure of time and effort.
X: You have no mortal identity, no role you can assume before mortals.
1: 1 identity or role
2: 2 Identities or roles.
3: 4
4: 8
5: 16

Example of Acquaintance:

Detecting someone using Acquaintance: While they are acing in their role, it is impossible to detect someone under the power of Acquaintance, even with knacks or perception. However once they break cover, either by behaving strangely (A teacher racing into a burning building, a surfer loitering in a library dedicated to tax law, etc) then a mortal, divinity, or other rolls perception +Awareness at a difficulty of the users permanent legend.


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