• Acquaintance
  • Divine Bond
  • Retainer
  • Retinue
  • Sanctum.

NEW BACKGROUND: Acquaintance
After the fall of Mu, the pantheons mystically hid themselves from Creation… a little too well. As a result, the Chosen of Fate have great difficulty forming relationships with mortals. This Background represents time and effort invested an identity on the mortal plane.
Without this Background, mortals never recognize the character. He is always a stranger… and in some places, people don’t like strangers. A character who repeatedly visits mortal and makes some effort to be memorable can earn friendly smile and nod of recognition, even if the mortal never bring a name to mind and only thinks of her as
woman. After enough exposure to the character, some mortals might even think of him when he isn’t around or remember his name in person.
The character decides how her mortals view her: they may think of her as the woman who tells the stories or that merchant who always has sweets for kids. There is no support for these front identities: an acquaintance who decides to visit that “cloth merchant” for his daughter’s wedding can’t find her store, but he won’t think much of it afterward.
Acquaintance is how a young god connects to the world.

Gods increase this Background through a great expenditure of time and effort.
X: You have no mortal identity, no role you can assume before mortals.
1: 1 identity or role
2: 2 Identities or roles.
3: 4
4: 8
5: 16


Gods are not made to be alone. Some legends claim that for every God there is a goddess waiting for him to find her. In truth the divine bound is more complicated. While most bond partners are lovers, almost as many are rivals, or even just friends.

Some gods in mythology are double acts. Zeus and Hera, Isis and Nephys, Gaia and Uranos, Thor and Loki. Their bond is inescapable, so much that its hard to imagine a story featuring one and not the other.

X Your bond to a Goddess exists, but you haven’t found her yet. Perhaps you are one of the unfortunate souls whose other halves are members of a different pantheon. Or perhaps you do know your partner and your mystic bond has yet to form.
1 You feel a strong mystical connection to your partner.
2 You are drawn to your partner, and her influence is difficult to resist.
3 You can scarcely help being the greatest of friends or most faithful of lovers to your companion—even if you hate her.
4 You would die staunchly defending your mate, despite her madness. She would do the same for you.
5 Your love for your partner knows no bounds. The poets of the mankind will immortalize your epic devotion, and these tales survive even in the Time of Tumult.

Any god with Legend of 4 or greater and real estate in the outlands, underworld, or Far Shore may construct a sanctum in a manner appropriate to his nature. A spider-god may need to spin a web. The Mammoth patron gathers the bones of fallen mammoths and lashes them together with mammoth leather. Some gods must seek out physical components and bring them into the Far Shore to build their sanctums, while others can create sanctums without supplies. Gods who fully trust each other may combine their sanctums. To create a combined sanctum, the gods must create a sanctum of their own of equal dots, the joint sanctum will be one level higher than the individual sanctums.
An enemy who gains entrance to a sanctum may destroy it from within.

Note: your sanctum is always affiliated with a purview, each dot may either add a bonus purview or penalty purview.

For Example: Michelle has a two dot Sanctum.

It is favored to Earth and Magic (Anyone using these purviews gains a number of instant successes equal to her permanent legend) And has a penalty to Sky (anyone attempting to use sky would lose a number of successes on any roll equal to Michelle’s permanent legend).

Sanctums are always closed spaces, and even if they appear to possess frontiers, an explorer will eventually find trees too thick to pass, an adamant wall or the like. A god must labor for a decade to transform a three-dot sanctum into a four-dot sanctum. And centuries to reach a five dot sanctum.

X No sanctum. Some gods who travel much in their duties, or who have no patience for labor or who, due to their natures, must create sanctums by particularly laborious or unpleasant means, simply go without. These gods often live with their parents, in their offices, or simply move from friend to friend staying as a guest for a few years in different places.

1 A small sanctum, no more than one large room with a small room or two. Comfortable by mortal standards, but incredibly poor by the standards of gods.

Your sanctum may have an outside area (an area around the sanctum, whether a courtyard or a thick forest surrounding a mansion, a small beach, graveyard, etc.) roughly the size of a suburban back yard. Your outdoor area must conform in some way to your sanctums favored purviews. If you have sun you might have a desert or brightly lit field. Fertility might be an overwhelming Jungle. Guardian may produce a castle courtyard where one cannot see beyond the distant walls…

2 A larger sanctum, with no more than five large rooms. Sumptuous by mortal standards, and the bare minimum most gods are able to tolerate for long-term living.
If you have an outside area it is now the size of a small suburban neighborhood or city block.

3 A very large sanctum, the size of a villa—approximately 25 rooms. Very few gods ever bother to build sanctums rated above three dots. The outside area expands, it is now perhaps the size of a large sprawling town or city.

4 A huge sanctum, with more than 100 rooms or numerous separate structures. Outside area expands, its now the size of a county or state park… perhaps even a small state or country.

5 A massive sanctum, the size of a large town or small city. Either a single massive edifice or dozens of separate structures of two- or three-dot size and at least five of four-dot size, plus a sprawling “outdoors” that is at least the size of the British Isles and more probably the size of Texas or Alaska.


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