Character Creation

Attributes: 8/6/4
2 Attributes are favored. 1 Will randomly be determined from your divine Parent.

Abilities: Academics, Alertness, Animal Ken, Art (), Athletics, Brawl, Defense, Diplomacy, Disguise, Drive, Empathy, Etiquette, Fortitude, Intimidation, Investigation, Larceny, Leadership, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee, Occult, Politics, Seduction, Stealth, Streetwise, Subterfuge, Survival, Thrown, War

You have 30 dots. None can be higher than 3 before bonus points. You begin with 4 Favored abilities, and two favored abilities generated randomly from your parent’s list.

Epics and Boons: You have 10 dots to distribute to Epics and boons.

You have 5 (6) dots to distribute among your virtues.

Purviews: You have 2 favored purview. 1 will randomly be determined from your parents list.

Note: Virtues are tied to your mental defenses, allowing you to resist hostile social attacks.
Note 2: Your Motivation and Intimacies are tied to your Virtues. When you are attempting to regain willpower and are acting according to your intimacies or motivation, you roll the relating virtue with each successes regaining a point of willpower.
Note 3: Virtues cannot be increased with XP or Bonus points, however they go up at no cost every odd legend point. (3, 5, 7, 9, 11).

Willpower: Sum of two highest virtues. Cannot be increased with bonus points.

You start with 15 Bonus Points
Attribute: 4
Epic Attribute: 5
Favored Epic Attribute: 4
Ability: 2
Favored Ability: 1
Purview: 5
Favored Purview: 4

You also have 30 XP
Attribute: CRX4
Epic Attribute: CRX5
Favored Epic Attribute: CRX4
Ability: CRX2
Favored Ability: CRX2-1
Purview: CRX5
Favored Purview: CRX4
Willpower: CRX2

Character Creation

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