Character Creation

Current as of 3/5/2018

Olympian Hero Background: Your characters are the children of the 1st generation characters. At the start of the game you do not know who your parent is, but you do know who your child is. The youngest a player can be is 15, the oldest is mid fifties.

Arthurian Background: You are a Highschool student in the coal mining town of Grantville. You are somewhere between 17 and 19.

Attributes: 8/6/4. Sliding dot rule is allowed. Choose 1 favored attribute.

Abilities You will begin with 28 Dots to distribute among the 25 abilities. Choose 5 favored abilities. Five more will be determined by your divine heritage. (If you end up doubling up favored abilities you may re-pick your doubles.)

Gods of War / Knight of the Battlefield: Ballistic Skill, Initiative, Martial Arts, Occult (Monotheism, Paganism), War

Gods of Rule / Knight of the Castle: Bureaucracy, Drive (Air, Land, Sea), Integrity, Performance (Culinary, Performance Art, Visual Art), Presence

Gods of Creation / Knight of the Cloth: Art (Architecture, Stonework, Textiles, Woodworking), Investigation, Lore, Medicine, Science (Engineering, Metal Smithing, Modern)

Gods of the Wilds /Knight of the Borders: Athletics, Dodge, Resistance, Stealth, Survival

Gods of Trickery / Knight of the Court: Awareness, Divine Secrets, Larceny, Linguistics, Socialize

You have 5 dots to distribute among your virtues.
Olympian: Expression, Intellect, Valor, Vengeance
Arthurian: Conviction, Loyalty, Temperance, Valor

Note: Virtues are tied to your mental defenses, allowing you to resist hostile social attacks, and to occasionally increase dice pools.

Note 3: Virtues cannot be increased with XP or Bonus points, however they go up at no cost every odd legend point. (3, 5, 7, 9, 11).

Willpower: Regardless of Virtues you begin with a willpower score of 5.

At character creation you do not know your divine heritage and thus don’t have access to your godly powers. Once revealed, you will immediately gain access to your powers-

Gain your God/Knight Type abilities as favored. (If any of these overlap with your existing favored abilities you may replace them with abilities of your choice.)

Purviews: You may choose 1 favored purview (Excluding Artistry and Mystery). 2 will randomly be determined by your divine heritage.

Epics and Boons: You have 10 dots to distribute to Epics and Boons.

You gain 15 Bonus Points
Attribute: 4
Favored Attribute: 3
Epic Attribute: 5
Favored Epic Attribute: 4
Ability: 2
Favored Ability: 1
Purview: 5
Favored Purview: 4
Willpower: 2

For Reference: XP Costs
Attribute: CRX4
Favored Attribute: CRX3
Epic Attribute: CRX5
Favored Epic Attribute: CRX4
New Epic: 10xp
Ability: CRX2
Favored Ability: CRX2-1
New Ability: 3xp.
Purview: CRX5 (all 1st dot powers are 5 flat.)
Favored Purview: CRX4 (All 1st dot powers are 4 flat.)
New Purview: 5
New Favored Purview: 4
Willpower: CRX2

Character Creation

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