Cult has 2 functions.

1) Cult represents the organization of the god’s followers. A god with a low cult rating has very disorganized followers. Perhaps they feud over dogma, or most people simply show their veneration through symbols or minor acts instead of festivals and monuments. A god with a high cult has incredibly organzied followers with clear lines of belief and holy days, etc.

2) Mechanically cult aids in recharging a gods legend rating. Normally a god gains 8 legend for every eight hours of rest, or 4 legend for a day of ’light activity (walking through town, attending the theater, painting a sunset, etc)

Cult 1: increases legend recovery by 1/1.
Cult 2: increase legend recovery by 2/1.
Cult 3: Increase Legend recovery by 4/2.
Cult 4: Increase legend recovery by 8/4.
Cult 5: Increase legend recovery by 16/8.


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