Cult is primarily a measure of your fame in the mortal world. The higher your cult rating, the more beloved/infamous you are, and ultimately how recognizable you and your image are. It also affects your followers- the people who your story has inspired, the people who believe in you! A high cult rating usually implies that you have inspired many people, and that they are somewhat organized in order to talk about you, your legend, and what it means!

Mechanically cult aids in recharging a gods legend rating. Normally a scion gains 1 legend per hour of indulgence,

Cult 0: Standard legend Recovery.
At cult 0 your name has begun to fade from legend and folk story to the dusty realm of scholars. Your image still appears in appropriate places (Pin up girls on planes tend to look like Astaria, the generic wrestler advertisement strongly resembles Felix, etc), but aside from a handful of individuals you are largely forgotten. (Pecos Bill anyone? General Aulus Platius? Jakeem Thunder? Blaise Zabini?)

Cult 1: increases legend recovery by 1
At cult 1 you are known in a subculture, or perhaps to fans of a specific genre or type of story. (A cult 1 figure in super heroes might be Wildcat- Tom Grant, or a figure in American west lore like Black Bart)

Cult 2: increase legend recovery by 2.
At cult 2 you are still heavily anchored in a subculture or niche, but any time that topic comes up your name is inevitably one of the first spoken, and to people who are unfamiliar with the genre yours might be one of the the only names they know. (Wolverine, the lone ranger, Henry the 8th)

Cult 3: Increase Legend recovery by 4
At cult three we begin to hit the “everyone” category. At cult three everyone in a certain segment of the populace can be expected to have heard of you. (Wonder Woman, Al Capone, Yoda)

Cult 4: Increase legend recovery by 7
At cult 4 you are known discussed, debated, a pivotal point in culture, you have entirely transcended genre. You have to work to find people who haven’t heard of you. (Batman, William Shakespeare)

Cult 5: Increase legend recovery by 11
At cult 5 people base their identities on your legend, you aren’t just famous your an icon, an essential building block of the culture. (Lincoln, Churchill, Joan of Arc, Napolean, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr)

Note: Your retainers are considered to have 1/2 your cult rating rounded up. Your minions (when they become demigod and gods) are considered to have 1/2 your rating rounded down.

Theoi with Cult-

Ophelia- 3 The Cult of the Magpie

Wendilyn- 3 Wendilyn is particularly famous with young girls, many of whom by Wendilyn dolls. She is a singer, sleuth, superhero, who’s super pretty and goes on amazing adventures. All young girls know about her, most other people have heard of her but they probably don’t know much more than her name

Thermidor Nine- 2 A legendary Hacktivist, who’s mantle has been passed from hacker to hacker to this day.


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