Demigod Upgrade

Fast approaching is the Demigod Upgrade.

Note Prior to the upgrade all remaining xp and AP must be spent or lost. There is no carrying unspent XP into legend five.

You will receive-

1st: Your character gains 1 dot to his willpower.

2nd: You gain 1 dot to increase a virtue.

3rd: One of your purviews becomes favored. You may simply pick a purview gained from a relic you posses OR you may attempt to gain a purview of your choice. (a list of six purviews will be prepared, one will be your choice, all non favored relic purviews will be added, and remaining unfavored abilities from your parent. You will roll a d6 and the purview you roll will become favored.)

- Assuming you have already spent XP to place dots in this purview you will be refunded the difference in XP cost between a favored and a non favored. This XP must either be immediately spent or it will convert to AP.

4th: 4/3/2 dots are granted to be split between Physical, social, and mental attributes. None may be taken higher than 5 unless there are no other alternatives.

5th: You receive 15 Bonus points to spend among abilities. Favored cost 1, others cost 2. Abilities may not be raised above 5 with these bonus points.

6th: You receive 10 dots to distribute between your epics and purviews. None may be raised above 5. All favored Purviews and Epic Attributes must have at least 1. This includes your new favored purview if you do not already posses a dot in it.

Note the Demigod upgrade will be applied as a group so it is easier to keep track of the numerous added dots.

Demigod Upgrade

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