Divine Bond

Gods are not made to be alone. Some legends claim that for every God there is a goddess waiting for him to find her. In truth the divine bound is more complicated. While most bond partners are lovers, almost as many are rivals, or even just friends.

Some gods in mythology are double acts. Zeus and Hera, Isis and Nephys, Gaia and Uranos, Thor and Loki. Their bond is inescapable, so much that its hard to imagine a story featuring one and not the other.

X Your bond to a Goddess exists, but you haven’t found her yet. Perhaps you are one of the unfortunate souls whose other halves are members of a different pantheon. Or perhaps you do know your partner and your mystic bond has yet to form.
1 You feel a strong mystical connection to your partner.
2 You are drawn to your partner, and her influence is difficult to resist.
3 You can scarcely help being the greatest of friends or most faithful of lovers to your companion—even if you hate her.
4 You would die staunchly defending your mate, despite her madness. She would do the same for you.
5 Your love for your partner knows no bounds. The poets of the mankind will immortalize your epic devotion, and these tales survive even in the Time of Tumult.

Mechanics: You gain a social defense equal to your character’s dots of Divine bond as if they were epic successes when your partner is concerned. (Ie if your partner is threatened, if you have 3 dots of Divine Bond you would gain 4 Instant successes on your roll). Further every dot conveys the following ability.

1) Shared Sanctum- You and your DB can merge your sanctums. If you both have equal dots in sanctum, the sanctum counts as 1 dot higher.
2) Empathetic Link- See Below.
3) Two of a Kind. (Count as having the knack “Perfect Partner” but only with your Divine Bond)
4) Dues Ex Machina- When imprisoned or imperiled your character can cry for help and your divine bond will arrive nearby.
5) Together Forever! So intertwined are your legends that as long as one of you lives the other cannot be gone forever.

Divine Bond

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