Divine Bond

Some gods in mythology are double acts. Zeus and Hera, Isis and Nephys, Gaia and Uranos, Thor and Loki. Their bond is inescapable, so much that its hard to imagine a story featuring one and not the other.

This background is functionally similar to Ally. A god or Goddess of roughly equal power becomes your ally. You are not necessarily friends- Thor and Loki cause each other endless trouble- yet when they chips are down they form a devastating team.

GM NOTE: Especially at first your divine bond will treat you well, but if you mistreat them or act in a manner they disapprove they may become less of a friend and more of a rival though never an out and out enemy. A disgruntled Divine Bond may try to see you humiliated or even try to cost you resources but will never try to seriously injure you.

Each Dot of Divine Bond gives you several benefits.
1) Social Defense-
As a scion (you gain an additional dice per dot of every social defense roll in a situation that involves your bond, or that your bond is present for.)
As a Demigod the bonus dice turn to successes.
At God the successes scale as if they were epics (1=1, 2=2, 3=4, 4=7, 5=11)

Additionally each dot has gives you and your ally the following power.

1) Shared Sanctum- You and your DB can merge your sanctums. If you both have equal dots in sanctum, the sanctum counts as 1 dot higher.
2) Trick of Fate- Any kind of area effect you launch or accidentally fire will never hit your divine bond, even if they’re standing at ground Zero. This is also true of their attacks that might hit you.
3) Two of a Kind. (Count as having the knack “Perfect Partner” but only with your Divine Bond)
4) Dues Ex Machina- When imprisoned or imperiled your character can spend a willpower point and cry for help and your divine bond will arrive nearby.
5) Together Forever! So intertwined are your legends that as long as one of you lives the other cannot be gone forever.

Divine Bond

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