You create a powerful creature/monster of legend. While incredibly powerful and functionally immortal a dragon is bound forever to the material plane… with some minor exceptions.

While the 1st dot of dragon creates a creature, additional dots empower it.

A character can have several dragons, each starting its own dot line.

Full stats will be presented later, but as a rule- Note: Your dragons can never exceed your legend.

1 dot) Legend 8 Dragon
2 dot) legend 9 Dragon
3 Dot) Legend 10 Dragon
4 Dot) Legend 11 Dragon
5 Dot) Legend 12 Dragon

Note Holy Site: If you possess a holy site(s) your dragon may use it as a springboard to enter your sanctum. However only one dragon at a time can possess a holy site, if you want multiple dragons to have the ability to enter your sanctum you must have multiple holy sites.


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