You create a powerful creature/monster of legend, or something more esoteric. While incredibly powerful and functionally immortal a dragon is bound forever to the material plane… with some minor exceptions.

While the 1st dot of dragon creates a creature, additional dots empower it.

A character can have several dragons, each starting its own dot line.

Full stats will be presented later, but as a rule- Note: Your dragons can never exceed your legend.

1 dot) Legend 4 Dragon
2 dot) legend 6 Dragon
3 Dot) Legend 8 Dragon
4 Dot) Legend 10 Dragon
5 Dot) Legend 12 Dragon

There is no rule of thumb on exactly what a “Dragon” is. A giant and unbeatable physical creature, a plague, a computer virus, etc.

Mechanically- A dragon has three attribute categories. Physical, social, mental. In one category the dragon doesn’t have stats at all. It cannot be challenged by any being equal or less than its own legend. Its second category matches its legend it dots and attributes. Its 3rd category only has dots with no epics equal to its legend. Its abilities are either 0, or match its legend based on the type of dragon it is. It has 1 purview, it does not need to be purview that you have though it cannot be your bane, it has a number of boons equal to its legend.

Example 1: Cerberus is the three headed hound of Hades. At Legend 4 it has perfect mentals. It cannot be outsmarted or outwitted. It’s nose is perfect, no one can sneak by the hound. Its physical stats are all 4 with four epics. It is powerful but can be fought through by mighty gods. Its socials are only 4 dots. A few kind words allow one to slip right by.

Example 2: The Siren is a dragon of Poseidon. At legend 6. She has perfect Socials. She is beautiful and enchanting, it is impossible to resist her song. She has 6 mental dots and 6 epics.

Note Holy Site: If you possess a holy site(s) your dragon may use it as a springboard to enter your sanctum. However only one dragon at a time can possess a holy site, if you want multiple dragons to have the ability to enter your sanctum you must have multiple holy sites.


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