Epic Stamina Health Levels and other formulas

While there is a formula for gaining extra health levels, I am changing it to create greater player variety.

When you gain a level of epic Stamina you gain one of the following:

  • -0
  • -1, -1
  • -1, -2, -2

This changes slightly pantheon to pantheon. Norse ALWAYS gain (-1, -2) While Chinese may only gain a -0. Oceania gain (-2, -2, -2, -2)

DV: (Dexterity + Defense+ Legend) / 2, Round up. It is GM recommended that you have a dv of at least 4-6 at this point.

Parry DV: Dexterity + Defense + Half legend + Weapon Defense) / 2, round Up.

Warning Some attacks cannot be dodged, some cannot be parried.

Mental Defense: While mental defense can change it will default to (Appearance + Relevant Virtue + Relevant Intimacy or Motivation)

Epic Stamina Health Levels and other formulas

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