Far Shore

Takamagahara is the home of the Japanese Gods. Sometimes called the land of eternal sunshine, or the sunlit realms. The skies perpetually glow with daylight, even on stormy days. The moon is never visible in the sky proof of the Sun Goddess’ disapproval of her elder brother Tsukiyomi.

Everything in the Far Shore is clearly defined. A mountain is never small or mistaken for a hill, every mountain is tall, soaring, with a wide base and a snowy summit. The trees are never spindly, or sickened, but tall, healthy, with wide branches and impressive leafy canopy’s.

Like islands in creation, The Far Shore takes on a pattern, at its heart are its great mountains, which are surrounded by a vast plain, which are surrounded by ocean.

Places in Far Shore: Like all “God Realms” in truth the Far Shore is a collection of Godly Sanctums linked together for mutual defense.

Amaterasu’s Sanctum: The Palace and surrounding grounds. Amaterasu’s Palace is the hub around which all the other sanctums are anchored.

Far Shore

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