Fate Points

Mortals deny legends and turn their backs on the gods. Yet, despite all the “facts”, despite the “evidence”, many believe in the gods. Even if its just in small ways. Gods draw power from these beliefs, but are also shaped by them.

Mortals generate Fate Points for beings of legend, based on what mortals believe the legendary being is capable of. The Storyeller chooses the mortal’s expectations and rejections based on what they are able to perceive the PC doing during his/her adventures; such expectations and rejections are subjective and based on the mortal’s interpretation of events (for example, one mortal might believe a Scion to be good at Sun because he saw him use Heavenly Flare, while another in the same scene might believe the same Scion to be good at Darkness because she was blinded). In the end, it is the GM and other members of the party who will decide what pool of abilities, attributes, and purviews fate points will be spent on.

Currently Accumulated:
Amatsukami: 6
Netjer: 0

Spent Arthur: 0
Spent Kai: 0

Spent Sass: 0
Spent Valeria: 0
Spent Wynis: 0

Fate Points

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