Fate Points

Mortals deny legends and turn their backs on the gods. Yet, despite all the “facts”, despite the “evidence”, many believe in the gods. Even if its just in small ways. Gods draw power from these beliefs, but are also shaped by them.

Every session players gain Fate Points, which are spent by the GM on the Attributes, Abilities, and purviews Favored by their Divine Predecessor. This means it is possible to begin gaining boons in purviews that are not favored by your character. You can use and purchase dots in these new purviews, but they do not count as favored.

Note: Fate points randomly roll to determine what they try to buy attribute, ability, purview… and when they roll a category they always buy the cheapest thing they can afford. If you have Appearance 4 and no epic, it costs 16xp to go to app 5 but only 10xp to buy the 1st epic. Thus your faithful purchase the 1st epic for you.

Currently Accumulated: 10

Astaria (Zeus): 1
*2/14, Prophecy- Hero’s Herald (4pts)

  • 3/2, Thunder- Lightning Affinity (5pts)

Felix (Aphrodite): 2

  • 3/2, Epic Appearance, 3rd Dot (8pts)

Ophelia (Hermes): 6

  • 2/14, Earth- Root of the Mountain (4pts)

Zeno (Artemis): 2

  • 3/2 Epic Perception 3rd Dot (8 pts)

Fate Points

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