Kai and Cassie's Sanctum


Key: Yellow = Entrance Hall; Purple = Garage; Red = Living Area and Kitchen; Blue = Bathroom; Green = Bedroom.

Purviews: Frost, Mystery, Water.

Note: The doors in this sanctum are magically connected to one another by the use of the Mystery purview. While people with access to that purview always find that the doors lead to the floor that they desire to go to, this is not always the case when it comes to people without it and the doors will occasionally lead them to the wrong floor – though the front door is always stuck in the same place.


Bottom Floor:

The front door of their sanctum is large and is the rough shape of a surfboard. It is made of a light shade of wood and the entrance hall, like most of the rest of the sanctum, is decorated in shades of blue and white, with a flow-like pattern. Directly across from the hall is an intricate map of the isles of Hawai’i. On the floor is a small pond with a thin stream of water flowing upwards from the surface, going up through the holes in the other two floors. To the left, there are two cabinets, one containing various outdoor clothes and the other filled with Cassie’s shoe collection. Between the two cabinets is an armor stand where Kai stores his Boiling Crab Plate when it is not in use. To the right of the main door lies the garage area. The door to the other floors is on the far wall. On the wall to the right of that door lie more cabinets and storage (mostly for wetsuits and other beach supplies), a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer, as well as several racks for the various surfboards that the couple own. On the opposite wall, there is a complex steel mechanism which holds two jet skis.

Middle Floor:

Directly in front of the door lies a small two-person sofa in a pale, natural green and a comfy armchair. Both are positioned at angles and are facing a large flat-screen television on the wall to the door’s right. The television itself is above an entertainment center, which is decorated with various mysterious artifacts. Above it is a profile painting of Neuschwanstein Castle. It is also flanked by bookcases, containing various books, more decorations and various electronic media. Of note is an elaborate ship in a bottle on the left case and several DVD copies of various seasons of ‘Days of Our Lives’ in the right case.

To the left of the entrance and exit door, lies Cassie’s large kitchen. It has marble countertops and hardwood floors. In the center of the room lies a kitchen island with various drawers and storage. Along the wall with the door, the countertop is interrupted by a stove, a dishwasher, and a kitchen sink. Along the other wall, the countertop is joined by a large fridge and various cooking devices make their home here: a microwave, a blender and a toaster. Next to the kitchen island lies a raised four-person table with four raised bar-style chairs. That table is sitting on a balcony next to a hole in the floor – with the upward water stream from the bottom floor flowing through it and surrounded by metal balconies with a snowflake motif. Directly across from the table lies a window with a view of the beach outside. Also around the hole in the floor, as is traditional in many sanctums, there are small shrine to the parents of its occupants. On the left wall lies a shrine to Yukifuri, as well as such traditional artwork depicting her. On the right lies a shrine to Susano’o and some artwork depicting him.

Top Floor:

Directly in front of the door lies the bed – a large four poster bed with elaborate wooden headboards. The blankets are crafted of woven snow and to both sides of the bed are bedside tables, complete with lamps and photographs. Cassie keeps her laptop on her bedside table as well. On the floor between the bed and the hole down to the other floors (once again complete with upward flowing water) lies a white shag rug. Around the hole, on the same wall as the door out, lies a window outward, while the other two feature artwork – a stylized version of the Great Wave and a photo collage of Cassie’s various family and friends. In the corners are wardrobes and drawers that contain clothes, mostly Cassie’s since Kai tends to keep his in his bedside table (he doesn’t have as many as she does).

Opposite the entrance and exit door is a sliding screen door that leads to the bathroom – the only door that doesn’t get swept up into the mysterious door problem of the sanctum. To the right of the screen door lies the toilet and the sink, made of white stone with silver faucets. Most of the rest of the room is dominated by a massive bathtub with multiple high-pressure faucets and Jacuzzi jets, with simple steps to get in and out with ease. Along both walls around the tub are complex, decorative swirling ice patterns. There’s also a small piece of artwork of some flowers near the sink.

Kai and Cassie's Sanctum

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