Knack Alterations

Several Knacks are being slightly altered.

Extended Youth:
In Amatsukami characters age based on how mortals perceive them. Largely a function of the Acquaintance background. For instance if Cassie takes Acquaintance identities like “Auntie” or “charity worker”, she is likely to age up to her thirties or forties. While a character who takes things like “elementary student”, “orphan”, or “favorite nephew” is likely to become younger over time.

Extended Youth allows a character to control their outward age. They are still recognizable to those who know them well, they simply appear older or younger. While they cannot appear as infants or toddlers, they can be as young as a preteen. Nor can they age them self to the day of their death, their body stopping at ancient or crone.

Bedazzling Image, Blockade of Reason, Lateral Thinking

The two most common social and mental defense attributes are Appearance and Intelligence. These knacks allow you to always replace the GM called roll for a roll with your specific attribute. (ie If you have Lateral Thinking and someone is trying to seduce you, you resist with Wits+Integrity instead of Appearance + Integrity)

Crazy Like a Fox, Disorienting Countenance, Parapet of the Mind

These powers allow you to resist mental or social knacks and boons with your chosen attribute instead of the default. (IE if you have Crazy Like a Fox and Asahi uses Waking Nightmare instead of Resisting with Appearance + Integrity, you could resist with Wits + Integrity)

Divine Wrath
This power functions exactly as written, but does not work against other Scions, demi-gods, or gods. Only Mortals, Creatures, Titanspawn, and Titans.

Knack Alterations

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