Retainer Progression

For those who take the Retainer background a retainer progresses as follows.

When you are legend 3
- Your Retainer has just shy of a starting scions stats. 7/6/4, 25 Abilities. Willpower 5. 5 Virtues. 7 Epics/Boons. 15 Bonus Points. Retainers gain a God type (War, Rule, Creation, Wilds, Trickery)- player chooses and gains each of their types abilities as favored, but may only pick 3 additional abilities to favor outside their type. Retainers have 2 Favored attributes, 1 is player choice, the other must be picked from the attributes favored by their divine sponsor. Retainers have 2 Purviews, 1 is a player choice and 1 must be picked from a list of purviews by their divine sponsor.

When you are Legend 4
- Your retainer advances to Legend 3 and gains 30XP (Total 30). Your Retainer gains 1 dot that goes to his virtues.

When You are legend 5
- Your retainer advances to legend 4 and gains 100XP (Total 130). They gains Relic#1.

When You are legend 6
- Your retainer advances to legend 5 and becomes a demigod. They gain 0 XP (total 130). They gain 1 willpower dot and 1 virtue dot as part of the demigod upgrade. They gain 4/3/2 to split among their attributes, and 10 dots among epics and purviews. They gain 1 additional purview which must be from their relic or their divine sponsor. They Gain 15 Bonus points which must be spent in abilities.

When you are legend 7
- Your retainer advances to legend 6. They gain 70XP (Total 200)

When you are legend 8
- Your retainer advances to legend 7. They gain 70 XP (Total 270). They gain 1 Virtue Dot. They gain Relic#2.

When you are legend 9
- Your retainer advances to legend 8. They gain 90 XP (Total 360). They gain the God upgrade.

When you are legend 10
- Your Retainer advances to legend 9. They gain 90XP (Total 450). They gain 1 virtue dot.

When you are legend 11
- Your retainer advances to legend 10. They gain 100XP (Total 550)

When you are legend 12
- Your retainer gains Relic #3.

Retainer and Backgrounds
Retainers gain backgrounds as the player advances their own.

  • Acquaintance- Your Retainer gains 1 dot of Acquaintance for free. Otherwise they remain equal to your dots in Acquaintance.
  • Sanctum- If you have a sanctum your Retainer gain a small room at no cost to you. Not even a studio, this room is more like a glorified closet.

2 dots- your retainers room grows, turning into a small apartment. Something akin to living in an attic or basement.

3 dots- Your retainer’s apartment transforms into a sizeable suburban home with several rooms, likely somewhere on the grounds. Many retainers plant their homes at the entrance of their master’s sanctum so they can greet/repel any guests who arrive on their masters behalf.

4 dots- Your retainer’s home becomes more impressive, it is now likely a tower, impressive burrow, the hallowed stump of an ancient tree, etc. In the mortal world it would certainly be a local landmark.

5 dots- Your retainer’s home advances from being a local landmark to a world wonder, something akin to a statue of liberty or great pyramid.

Note: If you live in a joint sanctum, your retainer’s ranking is only based off your dots in the background.

  • Retainer- Retainers cannot have retainers.
  • Retinue- Retainers cannot have retinues, though they often act as leaders for your followers.

Retainer Progression

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