Retainer Progression

For those who take the Retainer background a retainer progresses as follows.

When you are legend 2
-Your retainer is a heroic mortal.

When you are legend 3
- A trickle of the divine has begun to grow in your follower. He jumps to a scion starting build (Including Bonus Points – which may be used to purchase epics or boons) with 3 epics: one in each of your favored attributes. He gains the knacks for these, but has no legend to activate them. He may instead offer 1 health level per point of legend.
- Your retainer gains 1 dot of Acquaintance.
-If you have Sanctum your retainer gains a free room. (That is the retainers room does not add to the number of rooms you posses.)
-Treat the retainers patron like a divine parent (he randomly gains one of your favored attributes; then chooses two of his own. He randomly gains two of your favored skills then chooses four of his own. He randomly gains one of your favored purviews then chooses two of his own.)

When you are legend 4
- Your retainer becomes legend two. He immediately gains 7 dots to distribute among his epics and boons. He is a starting character in every regard.

When you are Legend 5
- Your retainer becomes legend 3 and gains 30XP to spend, and gains 1 Virtue Dot. Retainer gains the “devout” special rule. He can no longer be compelled with social rolls or knacks to knowingly betray you or your interests.

When you are Legend 6
-Your retainer becomes legend 4 and gains a further 40XP to spend. Your retainer gains 1 relic. A “gift” from your character.

When you are legend 7
- Your retainer gains 60XP, but does not receive a legend or advance to demigod. Gain “Devout 2” Your retainer is immune to fear while acting in your defense.

When you are legend 8
- Your retainer advances to Demigod, receiving the entire demigod package. Gain “Manservant”. As a 10 tick action you can immediately summon your retainer to your side.

When you are Legend 9
- Your retainer gains 70XP and advances to legend 6.

When you are legend 10
- Your retainer gains 70XP and advance to legend 7. Gain “Look out Sir”. If in the same combat, and an area attack is going to hit you your retainer rolls a d6 (on a 2-6) they valiantly push you aside. The attack misses you entirely. Can only be used once a scene.

When you are legend 11
- Your retainer gains 90XP, but does not advance in legend or become a god. Your retainer gains a second relic.

When you are Legend 12
-Your retainer gains the God package, and is now a full deity in their own right, though still subservient to you.

Retainer and Backgrounds
Retainers gain backgrounds as the player advances their own.

  • Acquaintance- Your Retainer gains 1 dot of Acquaintance for free. Otherwise they remain equal to your dots in Acquaintance.
  • Divine Bond- If you have 3 ranks of divine bond and your retainer has the ability your bondmate gains the benefit of devout. If you have 4 ranks your bondmate gains the benefit of “Devout 2”. If you have 5 ranks your bondmate gains the benefit for “Manservant”.
  • Sanctum- If you have a sanctum your Retainer gain a small room at no cost to you. Not even a studio, this room is more like a glorified closet.

2 dots- your retainers room grows, turning into a small apartment. Something akin to living in an attic or basement.

3 dots- Your retainer’s apartment transforms into a sizeable suburban home with several rooms, likely somewhere on the grounds. Many retainers plant their homes at the entrance of their master’s sanctum so they can greet/repel any guests who arrive on their masters behalf.

4 dots- Your retainer’s home becomes more impressive, it is now likely a tower, impressive burrow, the hallowed stump of an ancient tree, etc. In the mortal world it would certainly be a local landmark.

5 dots- Your retainer’s home advances from being a local landmark to a world wonder, something akin to a statue of liberty or great pyramid.

Note: If you live in a joint sanctum, your retainer’s ranking is only based off your dots in the background.

  • Retainer- Retainers cannot have retainers.
  • Retinue- Retainers cannot have retinues, though they often act as leaders for your disparate followers.

Retainer Progression

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