Retinue Progression

Retinue build (Retinue, Henchmen, Minions, vassals, etc)
Numbers: Retinue increases based on your dots in the retinue background.
0- You have no members of your retinue.
X- You have 10 retinue. (or less if that is your preference)
XX- you have 25 retinue.
XXX- You have 50 retinue.
XXXX- You have 75 retinue.
XXXXX- you have 100 retinue.

Power: Your retinue grows in power based on your overall legend rating. (Retinue favors attribute and ability dots over epics or purviews, though they do gain some dots in these areas.)

Your legend is 2: Your retinue is full of ordinary mortals/animals who are assumed to roll 2-3 dice in any given event.

Your legend 3: Rather than being generically sucky, your retinue now specializes into one of three specialist arch-types. Warrior, Servant, Scholars. (see below for more details on these arch types.)
They become 6/4/4 (with the high rating going into their “favored” attribute group based on their arch type) and gain 25 Ability points to spend. Ceasing to be mortal your henchmen are now supernatural. Though whether they appear to be normal humans/animals depends on your choices and purviews. See below.

Your legend 4: Advancing to legend 2, they become 7/4/4, with a total of 30 dots in abilities.

Your legend 5: 8/4/4, 35 abilities, your retinue now gain 1 Epic (and thus 1 knack) in each of their favored attributes. (Total: 3 epics in favored)

Your legend 6: 8/5/5, 40 Abilities. Henchmen now gain 3 dots to distribute among their Purviews (All branches of henchmen have access to your favored purviews, and if you have a sanctum they have access to any purview your sanctum favors. Example: Kai’s sanctum has the mystery purview favored. If Kai ever takes retinue, his retinue would be allowed to place dots in the mystery purview… which would probably be useful for getting around the place.) (Total: e epics in favored, 3 in purviews)

Your legend 7: Advance to Legend 3. 9/5/5, 45 Abilities. Retinue gain a 3 dots to distribute among their favored Epic Attributes. (Total: 6 epics in favored, 3 in purviews)

Your legend 8: 10/6/6, 50 Abilities. Minions gain 3 dots to distribute among purviews. (total: 6 Epics in favored, 6 in purviews)

Your legend 9: 11/6/6. 55 Abilities. Henchmen gain 3 dots to split among non favored Epic Attributes. (6 epics in favored, 3 in non favored, 6 purviews)

Your legend 10: Advance to legend 4. 11/7/7. 60 Abilities. Gain 3 dots to distribute between Favored Epics. (9 epics in favored, 3 in non favored, 6 purviews)

Your legend 11: 12/7/7. 70 Abilities. Gain 3 Dots to distribute among purviews (9 epics in favored, 3 in non favored, 9 in purviews).

Your legend 12: Advance to legend 5 (No demigod upgrade). 13/8/8. 85 Abilities. Gain 5 Dots to distribute in any fashion between Epic Attributes and Purviews. (9 favored, 3 non favored, 9 purviews, 5 any- Attribute/Purview)

Retainer Rules
• Abilties are capped by their masters legend. IE if Arthur is legend 6, none of his retinue may have more than 6 dots in any ability. (this means that henchmen can technically have up to 12 dots in an ability.)
• While RETAINERs only slowly become entirely pledged to their master (and always retain a semblence of self.) Members of your retinue are always immune to social attacks and fear. (note this only applies when they act in their master’s interest. Carson the butler is utterly fearless while Amaterasu threatens to extinguish him so long as he is acting in defense of his Lady. However if Amaterasu used intimidate to demand he perform a tapdance for her amusement, Carson would resist with only his Appearance + Relevant Virtue… not a good prospect.)
• Retinue members gain the pantheon language for free. Otherwise they learn languages normally. (Note retinue creatures would normally be unable to speak, plants, animals, furniture or household items, etc. For convinience and myths sake, it is assumed all members of the retinue gain the supernatural ability to speak… unless their master does not wish members of a template to gain this ability. The choice cannot be switched once made.)

Three Retainer Arch types are:
Warrior: Warriors are thugs, guards, soldiers, barbarians, knights, etc. They are the muscle around your sanctum, meeting hostile interlopers, protecting your valuables, and guarding you, your guests, and your other henchmen during times of trouble. Occasionally they even just carry heavy things. (Warriors favor the 3 Physical Attributes)
Function: Warriors typically function in two major roles. Passively they guard your sanctum, holy sites, people you care about… really anything you set them to guard. Actively they can be sent into combat, act as your muscle, stealing, breaking and entering, and otherwise letting you show displeasure through your fighters.

Servants: While it may seem servants just do the menial work, they can be some much more. Yes they cook, clean, pick up litter, and all those assorted tasks your character is far too godly to bother with. From slutty succubi filling out your harem, to a proper victorian team of footmen and butlers, to the screamers at a wild drug and booze filled rave. Servants are your musicians, courtiers, hosts, gang. Whatever they need to be to keep you and your guests happy. (Servants favor the 3 Social Attributes)
Function: Like warriors servants have two primary functions. First they act as a bolster, aiding your social roles in the event you host any divine party or function. Second they are your emmisaries, carrying messages and negotiating on your behalf.

Scholars: A slight misnomer. Scholars are your smart, cunning, clever, and perceptive minions. The act as architects and builders maintaining your Sanctum. They’re your librarians and lab assistants. Keeping your bizarre creative efforts going (anything from a really complicated weaving project, to a grand magical ritual, to a vast technological undertaking.) They even function in an administrative capacity keeping a catalogue of your various resources, items, swag, etc.
Function: scholars serve two primary functions. First scholars support your character in both the planning and building phase of Works of Art, from the mundane to relics. 2nd Scholars are your administrators managing tasks in your absence or working to collect minor resources or items your character requires.

For Example:
Michelle has 1 dots of Retinue giving her 10 members of her retinue.
She divides them as follows 4 Warriors, 5 Servants, and 1 Scholars. Because each arch type has the same stat line, she must choose carefully what she wants each to be.
For her warriors she decides she wants them to be particularly dangerous plants, strong and tough compensating for her own frail body. (As she has the Fertility Purview, this is approved by the GM)

Venus Man Trap (Legend 2) Template;
Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 1, Stamina 4, Charisma 1, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Perception 3, Int 2, Wits 2.
Abilities: Alertness 4, Art (Architecture 1), Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Empathy 3, Fortitude 4, Melee 4, Seduction 4, War 2
Epics: None, Purviews: None
Note: Interaction with other backgrounds. (In Progress)

Retinue Progression

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