Yomi is the land of the dead. It is not a good place, or a kind place. It’s where those the gods choose to punish go to rot and suffer.

The Infinite Prison
Assuming one doesn’t want to go through the trouble of being judged by the gods and sentenced to Yomi It can also be reached by hanging yourself in a prison cell to evade your own just execution or by being buried alive by someone whom you wronged badly enough to justify such a punishment.

The Infinite Prison is the ultimate expression of sadism masquerading as justice, and its populace has two categories of citizen: prisoner and guard. All those who come to this place, willingly or no, are adjudicated by a ghost known only as the Warden of Conscience, though she has no conscience herself. After just a glance at a visitor, the Warden decides whether that visitor is fit to be a guard or deserves to be a prisoner. Whether the Warden has any criteria for his judgments other than mere whim is unknown. Those sentenced to imprisonment are placed into one of the Infinite Prison’s seemingly infinite number of cells, where they are tortured by the most ingenious devices. Those chosen as guards are assigned to inflict those tortures on the prisoners, with the understanding that any hesitation in carrying out a torture—even the appearance of doubt—will lead to the guard and the prisoner swapping places. Those who have suffered for centuries in the Infinite Prison are often experts at appealing to the sympathies of new guards. Once those prisoners suddenly find themselves in the uniform of the jailer, they rarely hesitate in introducing their unwitting saviors to the agonies they have just avoided themselves.
There are no men in Yomi, Izanami cannot abide them. Those who find themselves in the infinite prison find their forms… altered to be more suitable to the Dread Mistress of Yomi. This is how she makes her Shikome, the undead zombie women that work her dark intentions in creation and the outlands.

Izanami is the Queen of Yomi… and arguably the only true resident.


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