Olympus by Night

Game for a Throne

Astaria Olympian, the latest reincarnation of the Theoi Zeus, sits upon the throne of Mount Olympus. An empty kingdom. Vacant and populated by a lonely, crying girl. Not even the Kingdom of the gods and more of a windy, solitary mountain. Winds blow furiously as Astaria’s emotions flare up. Lightning crackles from her staff in her fury. Raging between anger, disappointment and sorrow, Astaria screams a thunderous cry in her empty domain. What has happened to her life?

She was once a promising engineering student, 4.0 GPA, scholaships and more. She still has her friends and family, but they all seem to be falling apart from her. Even more so, the prophetic dreams Astaria gets have become more common and more urgent.

Her friends may never believe in gods and monsters. Ignorant to the world around them thanks to the mist. They aren’t dependable.

Her eldest sister is now an apparent rival for kingship, that if she gets, could have dire consequences for all. She can’t be trusted.

Her oldest brother is a recluse that walls himself off from society and barely even keeps in touch. He can’t be relied on.

Her 2nd oldest brother is so focus on what’s directly in front of him and has no faith and trust in her. Still treats her like a kid that knows nothing. He won’t come around.

Her worst enemy has all the resources of the world, probably literally. Just set up a fight to maybe kill Felix, bet her to drop out of school, (which was not shook on, so does it count?), probably has a bunch of plans to get Hera and is at best, the living incarnation of Chaotic Neutral.

But there is hope and a bright side. Hades doesn’t know who Hera is yet. And here, on Mount Olympus, once the greatest capitol of the ancient world, sits a sulking child, wondering what she has to do to regain the former glory of her past self. She is both Zeus and Astaria. She will do whatever she has to to become King again. And no mortal, sibling, evil death queen or titan will stand in the way of achieving that.

And so, Astaria, King of the Air Kingdom of Olympus, stand tall and resolute. Rising for the first time: As a King!


What in the actual F#ck?

Astaria has built a kingdom in Olympus, Ophelia has a new pet bird woman who hates men, Zeno has managed to find a lost society of tree nymphs, and I may have inadvertently turned Julie into a Goddess.

We have found Hades, Hephaestus, Dionysus, and may have a lead on Hera.

And it’s not like things we are making friends in all of this. Hades is probably laying plans to target Astaria, Hephaestus is putting on a pretty face and playing ambassador, Dionysus may well be more crazy than hot, and trust me she is 100%, without a doubt, the hottest being I have ever seen. And then there’s Hera, who might be responsible for the current ass-clownery in U.S. Presidential politics.

Things are moving fast and becoming more dangerous every day. Zeno keeps going off by himself, Ophelia disappeared for a day and wound up waking up from a blackout in Baltimore, and Astaria can’t seem to get it through her head that just because she is Zeus, she isn’t a King.

When are they going to wake up and see it? When is it going to hit them? Before we were Gods, we were subordinate to the Titans. We were not all powerful, we could be killed, and we may well have existed for eons before we secured enough power to overthrow the Titans.

Ho do I explain this to them?

Dyson Barnes Chapter 1
An Autobiography

So… I am writing an autobiography since, well… no one else will. Hell, everyone would probably prefer if I died in a fire so they could scatter my ashes and never think about me again. I am one of the people no one wants to follow since as soon as they do they receive nothing but scorn and suspicion. I guess that is what you get for being the Lord of Assholes. For now though let us return to the beginning, to a time when I was still a mere mortal.

By the I got into high school I was already a troublemaker. A liar so no one trusted me, a thief so no one left me alone, and a smart ass just to top it off. When I was a Senior in high school our math teacher Mr. Walker left the answers to our finals math test in his desk. It was locked but it didn’t matter I stole the answers and sold them to all students that were taking his class. I made a good $400 and boosted everyone’s grades. Mr. Walker did find out what happened but his final grades were already submitted. Ahhh, the yelling I got for that one was only trumped by Mr. Witsmen our history teacher. That one I actually changed all his tests so all the correct answers on the final were "D"s. That took more work but was worth it. I watched him grade some of the tests and get frustrated when all his answer keys were worthless. Let’s see for Mr. Padilla in our computer class I did some research and made is so that every time you hit the “spacebar” the phase “Padilla is a Blizzard freak” would appear in the text box you were typing in. I did this to every computer in the school. I don’t think he ever figured it out. For Mr. Tugwell I posted on various forums and websites, hell I made a wiki page giving out his phone number for various services and offers, ahh the amount of time he spent blocking random people and dealing with his phone made it so class was always write something and laugh at Mr. Tugwell annoyed and enraged face. Ahh the good years.

The cops got a lot of phone calls on Friday and Saturday nights as I ratted out every party were people were underage or going to drive drunk. Pissed everyone one off but no one could really pin it on me since I was at a lot of those parties. I stole peoples ID’s and left them in awkward places. A lot of people got into fights because of me.

All in all I was just a giant asshole. Then the cosmos played the biggest trick there is on me and everyone else… It made me an “Arthurian Knight.” One who is nothing but honor, courage, and humility… yea, I think I destroyed the meaning of the term “Knight” within the first year of having that title. What happened when I first got my abilities was……

Zeno and Noel
house hunting

“We have been kicked out of 6 appartment complexes this morning Zeno. All because you are a sexist pig and will not talk with women!” Noel says angerly, while eatting a cheese burger.

(Shugs) “I talk with my sisters… on occasion.” Zeno replies eatting some fries.

“Barely. Anyways the next place I will do all the talking you just sit there and say yes when I tell you and sign where I tell you.” (sighs heavily) “Why do i put up with you, again?”

“You would get bored, or you are a masochist.”

“Probably both, but you owe me for putting up with this. And since you owe me you can go get a picture of a troll that lives under one of the many bridges here in DC.”

“Really… I doubt you would notice it if I put you face to face with one.”

“What do you mean… I am talking to one now.” Noel says innocently.

“Haha. Lets go get me a place to live so I don’t end up crashing on your floor.”

“Fine. I still expect that picture though!”

Puny God
John's Adventure Log #2

There have been many times in Felix’s life when he knew he was outmatched. “There are too many…they have weapons…he’s a cop…” These things annoyed him, but they didn’t scare him.

He was never really scared until last Friday. The cellar flew open and death emerged from inside. He saw more than 30 years of victims crawl out of that hell mouth, and while he feared neither pain nor death, he was scared he couldn’t protect his family.

Felix stood before them valiantly, showing resolve in the face of his enemy. Two by two they came, and one by one they fell. No intelligence in their eyes or any real skill in their hands, they seemed the embodiment of the phrase “wasting away”. It wasn’t long before the dead lay motionless and a sense of relief washed over him. “We’re safe,” he thought “we’re all safe.”

Whack!!! From inside the Tartarus pit a thousand fibrous tendrils of webbing shot forth, entangling his left leg, gripping with a power so fierce, the only word to describe it is absolute. A few seconds before this Felix got his first taste of fear, but right now in this moment, he was wracked with terror. Terror few mortals has ever imagined. Terror that will mark him for eternity.

They would later tell him that it happened so fast, no one saw him fall. But when the family looked toward the sound of his agony, they saw him disappear feet first into the pit. He was snared into the opening with such force, looking back on it he didn’t contact the ground until he came to rest some 80 yards into the shaft.

Now, ask anyone and they will tell you that light is a symbol of hope. But the light that filled this place, brought nothing but dread. This light seemed like it was meant to show you the heinous and terrible things of nightmares. The things so dark and sinister, the sub-conscious won’t allow the ego to acknowledge them.

Completely immersed in a nest of webbing, everywhere he looked the light showed him the desiccated and dismembered body parts of his mother’s victims. Eyeless heads, torn from their bodies, were strewn throughout the webbing. The soft tissue of their faces, mummified and drawn tight through the process of rapid blood loss, were twisted in a state of perpetual horror.

Something ancient and feral was rising inside of him. And suddenly with his body full of adrenaline, Felix was somehow able to take control of his senses and found himself wanting only two things: to live, and the sweet release of a fugue state. Moving with the determination of Odysseus, he fought his way toward the opening. Fighting for his life with each step becoming harder than the last, he hears these words in a voice that makes him stop cold. “Is that an Olympian? Is that FOOD?”

“Mom? Oh hell no.” In that one second, his ascent to the Gods is complete. Fighting with every ounce of divine ichor within him, he powers towards the opening. There, up ahead, Xeno. It’s Xeno. He’s come to help me. Oh Olympus. We have got to get out of here. “RUUUUUNN!!!”

What happened next, Felix couldn’t say, but when he came to, he was in the back yard, he was alive, and his family was safe. Well, for now anyway.

The Illustrated Woman

I was having trouble posting images in the log section, so I posted it in the Items section instead.

Felix, Cliff Notes
John's Adventure Log #1

After his ascension, Felix began leveraging his local celebrity status and began making a surprisingly good living as a physical trainer and pro fighter. Julie had his back of course, and wasn’t above throwing the Georgetown Sorority elites his way. As is the case with many a sorority girl, they have rich Daddies and lonely Mommies. After a few sessions, he would convince the girls to bring their mothers for a consult, and Viola! A new satisfied customer. As of now, Felix may be one the most well connected political insiders in D.C.

He made a splash recently at the annual D.C. Bachelor’s charity auction. The idea seemed simple enough, Felix would offer 6 months personal training to the highest bidder, and every penny would go to St Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

While not a State Dinner, the who’s who of American politics, journalism, and philanthropy always show up to show one another up. The event was going well, but the bids were getting weaker. Felix not being one to do anything by halves, took the matter into his own hands. When the time came to make his pitch, he “improvised.” To set the story straight, Felix did not give a raunchy lap dance to the First Lady to Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy.” He performed a tasteful striptease to Ludacris’s “What’s Your Fantasy?”


“Practice time, Mags,” Tee exclaimed loudly, in her native Spanish, while tossing my workout bag at me and knocking down the magazine I was trying to read.

“Oh, come on,” I complained back, also in Spanish. “Why?” I pushed off the bag and leaned back, spreading out on the sofa we had in front of the shop for guests to wait on and brandishing my magazine. “There’s good gossip in here. I’m behind. Don’t you want to know who Taylor Swift is dating now? Huh?”

“You know damn well I don’t give a crap. Besides, this place is dead as hell. What else you gonna do?”

“Read. A. Magazine,” I said, accenting each word.

“No!” she yelled back, picking up my workout bag from the floor and hitting me with it. “Now, get your fine white ass off the sofa and move!”

I groan aloud, but I get up and grab my bag. I hear Rafi chuckle to himself from behind his computer across the room as he watches me slump to my feet.

“What are you laughing at, vato?” Tee bit back with acid in her voice. “You’re up when she’s done.” I laughed out loud mockingly, without any shame whatsoever.

Rafi groaned out loud and shook his head as he adjusted his glasses. “I did a set yesterday!”

“And you’re doing a set today.”


“I said you’re doing it, Rafi.” She used the tone. We both knew what it meant and shared a knowing glance with one another.

“Fine,” he said dejectedly before turning back to his laptop. “Do me a favor, Mags, and tire her out for me?” Tee shot him another glare.

“Oh, no, if I’m doing this – you’re doing this,” I said with a smile. He shot one back to me.
I got changed in the customer restroom. It wasn’t the cleanest place in the world, but it wasn’t too bad. Tee and I had decorated all the walls in here with graffiti art and some of our customers had signed their names and written messages here. It was nice to see words of encouragement and praise for the work we were doing – a couple crude comments about Tee and I being ‘doable,’ but most of it was good stuff. I’ll have to remember to scratch the other shit off the walls later.

A couple months after we first opened up the shop, one of our customers was mugged on his way home. Don’t misunderstand – that’s not entirely unexpected. Tattoo parlors aren’t exactly pillars of peacefulness. We’ve had a couple brawls in-shop and stuff – nothing major, nothing that Tee couldn’t handle – but this mugging really got underneath Tee’s skin – mostly because it was on the route that Rafi walked to get to the local coffee place in the mornings. From that point on, Tee decided that Rafi and I were going to be learning basic self-defense. She set up one of the smaller back rooms with a couple weights, a punching bag and this creepy combat dummy she found on eBay. Tee grew up in a rough neighborhood – her upbringing had given her some fancy moves with a switchblade – and she’d taken up boxing as a self-defense class during her time in prison. She knew her way around a fight and she was absolutely determined that Rafi and I knew at least the basics.
Luckily for me, I had a few divine advantages – I was quick as hell with some of the steadiest hands in history. She’d taught me how to shoot my Taser pretty straight, then she taught me how to throw a punch, then how to take a punch – that last one wasn’t particularly fun to learn. I had no clue what she was planning today.

I walked into our pathetic little gym – rocking my workout clothes and taking out my nose ring and ear piercings – Tee set up this cute little box for us to put our jewelry in when we were training. She’d changed into her gym gear too – tight yoga pants and a sports bra – and was standing, hands on hips, looking serious.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about what I want to teach you,” she said, ignoring my jest. “You’d be terrible with a bowie knife, or anything longer than that, since you have the strength of a housecat.”


“True,” she said, pointing at me. “So, I found this.” She walked over to a little table we had in there and grabbed something from it. It looked to me like two short, thin pipes latched together at the top, but after she popped off the latch, she flicked her wrist and a blade spun out from between with a decorative flourish. It was beautiful, impressive… and sexy as hell.


“This is a balisong… butterfly knife… a veinte-y-nueve… It’s blade is nowhere near strong enough to do any major stabbing things, but with as quick as you are, you can get a dozen spinning deep cuts in before most gangbangers can even pull their pieces.” She spun it a couple of more times in her hands, then latched the handles in one fluid motion and stabbed the blade into the table dramatically and let a mischievous twinkle flash across her eyes. “Plus, you can some tricks and flips and feints. You know, frilly stuff to keep you happy.”

I smiled and shook my head at her. Typical Tee… She likes to mock and make fun, but it’s obvious how much thought she put into this. It’s been years since we left prison, but, as always, she’s still watching my back, protecting me from threats unseen. Best friend a god of thieves could ask for.

“These things have a tendency to bite back,” she said. “So, I found you a training one for now.” She picked up a similar looking knife, except this one had a blunt wooden fake blade where the sharp part should have been. She took a tube of lipstick and applied one edge of the wood with a liberal coating of cherry red.

“Is that mine?” I asked.

“Oh, you’d never wear anything this tacky. It’s Star’s. She left it here last time she was here and it’s a shit color, so she’s not getting it back.” I laughed aloud at that, then she got out another training knife and applied a different color lipstick – dark blue – to that. “This one you lifted from a customer, I think. You really gotta stop doing that, Mags.”

“My bad,” I raised my hands up with guilt. “Old habits.”

“OK,” she continued, handing me one of her training tools – the one with the red color. “You get your color lipstick on yourself, you lose. You wanna get as much of it as possible on me, of course, and avoid any of my blue stuff. Got it?”

“Got it,” I repeated back to her. “We gonna have some music going?”

Tee nodded. “I cued up some of your favorites,” she said, picking up her cellphone and flicking through the menus. A couple seconds later, the loud bass of electronic music started thumping through her portable speakers. She frowned for a moment and turned back to her phone to turn up the volume, so I quickly lashed out with my new blade, leaving a long streak of cherry red on her midriff just above her hip.

“Oh, that’s how it is today, huh?” she said, her voice much harder to hear now through the pulsing rhythms of blaring techno, but her wide smile obvious. “Prepare to turn blue, bitch.”

I chuckled, span my new toy around my hand and prepared to have some fun.


arnold schwarzenegger
jackie chan
scarlett johansson
adam sandler
charlie daniels
lindsey stirling
jack black
mercedes lackey
john ringo
terry brooks

Alva's Resolve

“I will not lose my right to be with my lord.” Alva thinks to herself as she lay recovering in her Lord’s cave. He had fallen asleep almost an hour ago but Alva would not, just incase she snored or shifted in her sleep and disturbed her lord.

“So… you are given the honor of resting in Artemis’ Cave and you stay awake?” says a voice with humor in the darkness. “He is asleep you can speak without fear.”

Alva looks around but due to the darkness in the cave she can not see the owner of the voice. “Who are you to invade the Lord’s cave?”

“A friend, or rival however you want to see it. Rest you will not wake him.”

Alva did neither, but was still too wounded to try and go after the speaker. The next morning as the sun rose so did her Lord. Alva rose as well and left the cave feeling better noticing that while she was still sore she was not hurting. Her lord briefly glanced her way, it sent a shiver down her spine though she couldn’t tell if it was the thrill of being seen or fear. Then he was gone with his camera and bow.

Alva returned to D.C where she worked as a game developer for Blizzard. She mainly worked on World of Warcraft, and with the release of the next expansion coming soon it would be harder for her to get away. Luckily she mainly worked on the narrative of the game so it was easy to get ahead.

Once she got home and checked her mail of which there was little. She started planning on how to stay with her Lord. Though she came up with an answer quickly. She would have her own personal Wyld Hunt, and remove her mistake. She knew who was in the Followers of the Hunt but a couple of them would be hard targets. She planned, and for the first time since she learned of her Lords awaking she did not return to his cave for the next 3 months.

In those 3 months she was able to kill all but 3 of the cultists. Since they were smart and went to the police. Well 2 did, the last one was a Senator for Alabama and He returned home relinquishing his senate seat, which surprised and confused everyone. She would get him and the other 2 eventually but for now they would live.

When she returned to the forest she was met by the same voice that talked to her in the darkness.

“A little harsh don’t you think? Killing them.” Came a voice from the underbrush.

“Show yourself!” Alva growled.

“If you wish.” said the amused voice.

From the brush a large shaggy dog appeared.

“My name is Arawn, I am an Irish Wolfhound. I awakened when Zeno did.”

“Shh…” Alva said quickly, eyes darting and staining her ears to find out if anyone heard.

“Please.” mocked Arawn. “Do you think I would even talk to you if there was someone around.”

“We both die if he is found out. Though now I know his name now.”

“Really, you follow him like a pup and you didn’t even know his name?”

“I knew he was special and superior. That is all I needed to know.” Scoffed Alva.

“Well… since we both know he is special, needs to have a follower with him and he won’t let you near him…”

“He will, one day he will see my usefulness!”

“Quick hide!” Arawn hisses as he jumps into the brush.

Alva looks behind her and sees her Lord walking up the path with another female. Jealously flares in her and before she can act, Arawn jumps into her, knocking her off the trail and starts to drag her.

“Let me go. I will kill that Bitch.” Alva growls.

“First that is or at least was a male, walking with Zeno. Second if we stay here he will see you and he probably will not be happy.” replies Arawn

Shock and disbelief cross Alva’s face but realizing that she is still on ice with her lord she relents and sneaks off with Arawn covering their trail.

“What was that?!” Noel squeaks.

“Probably nothing. Trees do make a sound when the fall just so you know Noel. Even if no one is watching them.” Replied Zeno. “Or it was a bear getting ready to eat you.”

“Very funny Zeno, but I think you would make a better meal.”

“Yes, but I am faster then you. Everyone knows that the slowest animals get eaten first. We have probably another 5-6 miles to go until we camp, shall we?”

“You know what.” Noel stammers. “I just remembered that I have a dead line coming up. So I have to get back to work.”

“What?!” Zeno says in mocking surprise. “But we have been planning this for the last month!”

“Fuck you, Zeno. You planned that some how.”

“No, but I will take advantage of it. Just to prove you are a city boy and you don’t belong out here.”

“Fine, you win, but I better get a picture of a bear next time.” Noel scowls.

“Yea, yea. Lets get you back to your car.”


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