Olympus by Night

Asahi's new conviction

While Asahi was treating people from the school shooting he reflected on his actions and the future. As a Scion eventually he will have to cut ties with mortals and take on a divine task (or something). Looking rationally at the shooting and his normal out look what is the difference between the Hallowed King (Rory Rollins) killing someone and his mother killing someone. Asahi has already concluded that death is a part of life and has to happen so the world itself can survive. Life is not fair and sometimes you have to draw the short straw. After much thought He came to a conclusion. He would dictate the fate of those around him. He would decide who lived or died. For now he would grant Gods a pass since they are at a level he cannot yet reach, but Hallowed King did kill those around him, and without his permission. For that the Hallowed King must be destroyed. With the knowledge that Asahi has, he knows that he will need an army to take on the minions of his target. He is also sure that he can get Kai and Shicho to help enact his judgement based on their reactions.

Now that Asahi has the start of a plan he needs to make preparations. His first task is to acquire corpses to become his army. and the second task is to find the Hallowed King. For the first task Asahi will attempt to convince Kai’s sisters to give him their victims, and do some grave robbing, doing his best to avoid the Hallowed King’s minions since the may be protecting graveyards. As for hiding his army he will have them bury each other in the forest. The graves will be shallow so each can get up without hindrance.
For the second task Asahi will have to find some salamanders and convince them to keep watch for him and let him know if the hallowed king appears. Once a target is found he will point his army and claim the Hallowed King’s soul so he can send it to hell with a grin. After that… well doors are opening for him and more open as he gets stronger.



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