Olympus by Night

Pharaoh Hawti

Dear Diary,

All in all, today was not as bad a day as it could have been. I started the day unemployed and under a tree and ended it back at home with a job at least. I am still surprised as to how quickly I accepted that my godly parent is now living as a talking falcon. Less surprised that my friend Valeria, being the vet that she is asked him how he… well reproduced with my mother. Sigh. Needless to say, I did not sick around for that awkward conversation.

Speaking of Val, she got me a new job. Not that I am too thrilled about it, but still, it’s a temporary fix to a problem. Certainly not looking forwards to flaunting around in short shorts and a tank top, but as Val says, I am going to need to “use the boobs.” Sigh. The sexual abuse I am sure to get from my new boss is not something to look forward to either. I do not get how Val put up with it, let alone allows that man to get away with it.

Starbucks is going to FINALLY open up in this tiny town. I am very excited for it. I am going to get to have some decent coffee for once. Could have had it at a discount if Val had kept her cool during out little meeting with the man trying to open the chain here in town. Can’t really blame her too badly though, Jared is indeed a stunningly attractive boy, for a mortal.

Seeing her being unhinged the way she was was something amazing to behold though. Never in all my years would I ever imagine seeing Val so… “15 year old school girl love struck,” but fate seems to love humor. Speaking of fate, back to Jared. This Pharaoh, assuming he is a mortal and hasn’t awoken as a scion yet is a real heart-throb. I can see why Val was so dumbfounded, there is something about him that makes it hard to think clearly and nonsexually. I am certainly not opposed in any way to marrying him. I could just… umm, nevermind.

Not too happy sharing Pharaoh hottie with 3 others, but as I said, fate has a sense of humor. Pharaoh will have 4 people around him at all time. though I guess maybe they are not all going to be brides. A cup, a sword, a ring and a staff. Each are a pillar that hold Pharaoh (the world) up, and I get the cup. THE CUP! Why? Because I am compassionate and I am to keep Pharaoh compassionate. Not that I mind, but why something to fragile? Am I supposed to take this literally, metaphorically, or just take it as a old tale/legend? Sigh.

On to happier things, tomorrow I am going to accompany my intended cutie on a school hunting trip. Val is coming too. I am sooo looking forward to this. I hope I get stand behind him and show him how to shoot a gun. I am sure he would like it too, hehe.

Till tomorrow diary,
- WA



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