Olympus by Night

Sass log 3

I was going to try and keep the fact I met my Mummy a secret from dad as long as I could… It lasted most of a day and in the end he found out and I got a free large shake. Little things… On another note when I got to the station I lost some IQ points when I heard what Wynis did, our next meeting will be awkward with me just standing there dumb founded… for an extended period of time. I tried to get Horace alone for a bit so I could talk to him about the whole marring an elementary student, I mean Pharaoh thing and see if he knows anything about it. After work I went to the arts and crafts store an bought some sewing things. figured I should have a decent reason why I have an outfit hidden in my underwear drawer that will NEVER be warn in public. On that note if this Pharaoh ever tries to get me to ware that by its self he might end up wearing it and never forgetting the experience. On another random note I need to find out if there are any public events going on at the elementary school I can go to, to see if I can find my future “husband.” Ohh I wonder how Val is doing it seems as if I haven’t seen her in ages like when we woke up after the “event”…..



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