Ada Carson Olympian


Height: Average
Nationality: English
Hair: Storm Cloud Black
Eyes: Gloomy Blue
Distinguishing features: An aging woman who was never pretty. Several witnesses have described her movements as “jerky and erratic”.
Age: 165?


Originally from England she moved with her husband Grif to Washington DC sometime before their children were born. Oleg claimed they arrived in 1877 aboard a ship called the Herald.

After her husband left Ada held various jobs to try and bring in some money. Waitress, secretary, actress, translator, street sweeper, and for various stretches of time remained tight lipped about what exactly she did for money. She never seemed to be able to hold a job for more than a few weeks or months.

She disappeared on Ophelia’s 21st birthday. The case is currently unsolved.

Her family knows better, she is the lesser Titan Rhea currently imprisoned in Tartarus.

Ada Carson Olympian

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