Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Appearance, Perception
Favored Abilities: Goddess of the Wilds
Favored Purviews: Animal, Darkness, Death, Moon, Stars

Regaining Legend- Artemis is the Goddess of Night, the Moon, and the Wyld hunt. She regains legend by shunning the world of mankind and fleeing to the wilds. To run the fields, swim naked in the streams, and hunt her own food. For every hour Artemis spends away from humanity she regains a point of legend. (She gets the points as long as she revels in the wilderness. She still gets the point if a boy scout troop finds her in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t get points for sitting on a park bench forty feet from a parking lot.)

Regaining Willpower
“Y’all watch this!” Artemis is the original adrenaline junkie. She regains a point of willpower whenever she succeeds at a dangerous task she deliberately undertook. Artemis may be reckless but she loves her family. Artemis gains no willpower points when her thrill seeking puts them in harms way.

Regain all legend, willpower, and health Once per story.
Artemis is the thin line between civilization and the wilderness. When Artemis activates her Rejuvenation the moon fades to black, lingering for days as an empty hole in the sky. Beasts left unchecked roam wild, wandering into towns, attacking people and destroying property.



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