Name: Hermes

Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Manipulation, Wits
Favored Abilities: God of Trickery
Favored Purviews: Animal, Psychopomp, Earth, Sky, Water

Regaining Legend
Hermes is the god of ways and travel, of roads, trains, of the movement of people, and the movement of information. For every hour Hermes spends cruising aimlessly on the road, or hanging out in diners, gas stations, or post offices he regains 1 point of legend.

Regaining Willpower: Hermes is the humble messenger of the gods and is always happy to help out wherever he can. No matter how grim things get he always finds a way to lighten every ones spirits. Regain a point of willpower every time you manage to convince the family that things aren’t so bad, especially if you are able to deny your own pain in the process.

Rejuvenation: Regain all legend, willpower, and health
Sometimes enough is enough and when Hermes takes a day off everybody feels it. Roads jam, stoplights go red, airlines get re-directed, texts stop being received, calls only get busy signals, computers stop talking to each other. Anyone either going anywhere or trying to get in touch with anyone is derailed. Any God with Psychopomp can ignore this effect, as can other creatures with similiar powers. (Demons with the Art of Portal, Lupines with Umbra Walk, etc) This lasts anywhere from hours to days at the GM discretion.



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