Ophelia Olympian

The Illustrated Woman


Nickname: “Magpie” – given to her by her parents due to her tendency to steal things when she was very young. The name has followed her into adulthood.
Height: Above Average (Roughly 5’6")
Nationality: American (Born in Washington, DC)
Hair: Naturally a dark blonde, but is currently dyed gray.
Eyes: Pale blue, sometimes gray.
Distinguishing features: Heavily tattooed around her arms, torso and neck – with several on her legs too. She also possesses many piercings – several in each ear and a nose ring.
Age: 29 (Eldest sibling).

A independent and often rebellious young woman, but one with a great (if sometimes hidden) streak of altruism. She strongly believes in the goodness of people and has been known to give many a man a right talking to if they dare disagree in front of her. That said, she’s a woman of many contradictions – and what she did to her last ex’s car was frankly a little too far.

She dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and joined the Peace Corps shortly afterwards, serving as an extra pair of hands and occasionally an impromptu medical assistant in the field. She travelled and served in many countries – though most of her time was split between Haiti, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean nations assisting in hurricane relief. Despite the distance, she stayed in close contact with her family, sending them gifts from all the places she had been and skyping whenever she could.

She returned to DC for her 21st birthday and, after her mother’s disappearance on that same day, discharged herself from the Corps to stay behind and support her younger siblings. She worked as a medical receptionist for a while before getting fired and blackballed for attacking a doctor who mistreated a female patient. She worked several odd jobs before eventually getting hired at a tattoo parlor. She excelled in the craft and quickly became known in the area. After they lost their old shop to a rent dispute, she and another employee became partners and opened their own parlor – Magpie Body Art. The business has done well and earned a decent, if not stellar profit, for the last four years.

She has many tattoos – most notably, a large tattoo of a magpie with outspread wings on her back; the names of her siblings tattooed in calligraphy around her neck; several Haitian voudou symbols along her left arm; and the years each of her parents disappeared on her fingers. Her largest tattoo is that of two snakes that wrap around her arms and end on the back of her neck. She also has many other smaller, less significant tattoos all across her skin.



Strength: OO
Dexterity: OOOOO XXX
Stamina: OO XX
Charisma: OOOOO XXXX
Manipulation: OO XX
Appearance: OOOO XX
Perception: OO
Intelligence: OOO XXX



Ballistic Skill: O
Martial Arts: OO
Occult: O


Drive: OOO (Bonus 3)
Integrity: OO
Performance (Visual Art): OOOO (Bonus 5)
Presence: OOOO


Investigation: O
Lore: O
Medicine: OO
Science (Engineering): O


Athletics: O
Dodge: O
Resistance: OO
Survival: O


Awareness: O (Bonus 2)
Larceny: OOO
Linguistics: OOO (Native Germanic, Romantic, Iberian, Greek)
Sail: (Bonus 3)
Socialize: OO


Earth O (Root of the Mountain, Safely Interred)
Fire OO (Fire Immunity, Bolster Fire)
Illusion OO (Subtle Knife, Stolen Face)
Psychopomp OOO (Open Sesame, Where Are You?, Unbarred Entry)


Dexterity: Photographic Penmanship, Mightier than the Sword, Escape Artist.
Stamina: Solipsistic Well-Being, Skin Shedding.
Charisma: Benefit of the Doubt, Widespread Appeal, Hapless Cool, Theme Music.
Manipulation: Gods’ Honest, Takes One to Know One.
Appearance: Blinding Visage, Center of Attention.
Intelligence: Telepathy, Wireless Interface, Remote Control.
Wits: Don’t Read the Manual, Stunt Driver, Born Behind the Wheel.

Theme Music: Immortals by Fall Out Boy (Don:Ellis Remix)


Retainer O (Tianna Zaragoza)
Minions O (Harpies)
Cult OO


Expression: OOO
Intellect: O
Valor: OO
Vengeance: OOOO

Willpower: OOOOO

Ophelia Olympian

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