Tianna, the Gravetide


Name: Most people use Tianna’s given name, though Ophelia and Rafi both simply call her Tee. Worshippers in the Cult of the Magpie call her the Gravetide.

Height: Tall (5’9")
Nationality: American (Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.)
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Brown.
Age: She appears to be in her mid-thirties.

Distinguishing features: As her own divine power has increased, Tianna has become increasingly horrific. While recognizable from her mortal days as her features have remained similar, her skin now mostly consists of a blue, translucent slime; many of her features are now mobile and tend to slide and shift with her liquified skin. In areas with a lot of light, her skeletal structure is visible through her skin. The tattoos which once lined her arms are still present, but now as swirling patterns of colored ink within her liquid skin.

Aesthetics: Many of Tianna’s powers come from the fact that her own skin behaves much like a liquid. For example, if she rubs her arm, for example, her skin ripples out like water does. To heal herself, she simply splashes a healthy part of her body on to the damaged one, causing it to mix and heal (the same way salts dissolve when mixed with water). Her health boons work similarly – by touching and spreading this odd effect to another. As she has grown in power, her control over her own skin has increased dramatically – she can now make it almost entirely liquid (with knacks like Escape Artist) or as hard as steel (with knacks like Body Armor).

Equipment: Ophelia gave Tianna a pair of magical handcuffs which she wears around her left arm. She is the primary proprietor of Magpie’s Bar, located deep within the Allforge – and often wears a waist apron filled with straws, corkscrews and silverware.

Personality: Tianna can be a little gruff and sharp spoken – she’s a graduate of the school of hard knocks, as Rafi likes to say. Despite her tendency to avoid beating around the bush, she’s a pretty caring individual – she hates people who bully others and loves an underdog. She has a pet peeve about people who judge others before they know them – and can drink most people under the goddamn table.



Dexterity: OOOO XX
Charisma: OOO XX
Manipulation: OOOO XXXX
Appearance: OOOO XXXX
Perception: OOO XXX
Intelligence: OOO XX



Ballistic Skill: OO
Initiative: OOO
Martial Arts: OOOOO OO (Halved)
War: OOO


Drive: O
Integrity: O
Performance (Visual Art): OO (Halved)
Presence: OO


Art: O
Investigation: O
Lore: O
Medicine: OOOOO (Halved)
Science (Engineering): OOO


Athletics: OO
Dodge: OOOO (Halved)
Resistance: OO
Survival: O


Awareness: OOOOO (Halved)
Larceny: O
Linguistics: O (Native Iberian, Germanic)
Socialize: O


Health OOOOO (Assess Health, Resilience, Heal/Infect, Intoxicate/Detoxify, Salve, Control Aging)
Water OOOOO O (Create Water, Siren Song, Sunken Treasure, Commander of Currents, Riptide, Drown)


Strength: Knockback Attack, Knockback Wave, Shockwave, Holy Bound, Titanium Tools, Empowered Deflection.
Dexterity: Lightning Sprinter, Escape Artist.
Stamina: Raise Your Glass, Self-Healing, Regeneration, Body Armor, Impenetrable.
Charisma: Hapless Cool, Never Say Die.
Manipulation: Gods’ Honest, Takes One to Know One, Total Recall, Who Me?.
Appearance: Aura of Dread, Do Not Want, Dreadful Mien, Waking Nightmare.
Perception: Subliminal Warning, Eyes in the Back of Your Head, Parallel Attention.
Intelligence: Speed Reader, Language Mastery.
Wits: Instant Assessment, Selfless Speed, Unconquerable Challenge.


Expression: OOO
Intellect: O
Valor: OOOO
Vengeance: OOO

Willpower: OOOOO

Tianna, the Gravetide

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