Tianna Zaragoza


Name: Most people use Tianna’s given name, though Ophelia and Rafi both simply call her Tee.

Height: Tall (5’9")
Nationality: American (Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.)
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Brown.
Age: She appears to be in her mid-thirties.

Distinguishing features: Tianna possesses two long sleeve tattoos from her fingertips all the way to her shoulders, then linked by tattooed chains and harnesses that connect the two across her chest. Most of them are old gang tattoos that she has covered up or changed over the years.

Aesthetics: Many of Tianna’s powers come from the fact that her own skin behaves much like a liquid. For example, if she rubs her arm, for example, her skin ripples out like water does. To heal herself, she simply splashes a healthy part of her body on to the damaged one, causing it to mix and heal (the same way salts dissolve when mixed with water). Her health boons work similarly – by touching and spreading this odd effect to another. Every time, when her skin settles, it returns to normal and is indistinguishable from regular skin.

Equipment: Ophelia gave Tianna a relic chain as a gift, that Tianna uses when she fights. She tends to wear it as a belt when she doesn’t need to use it.



Strength: OOOO XXXX
Dexterity: OOO XX
Stamina: OOO XXX
Charisma: OOO
Manipulation: OOO XXX
Appearance: OOO X
Perception: OOO XXX
Intelligence: OO
Wits: OO XX



Ballistic Skill: OO
Initiative: OO
Martial Arts: OOO (Halved)
War: O


Drive: O
Integrity: O
Performance (Visual Art): OO (Halved)
Presence: O


Investigation: O
Lore: O
Medicine: OO (Halved)
Science (Engineering): OO


Athletics: OO
Dodge: OO (Halved)
Resistance: OO
Survival: O


Awareness: OO (Halved)
Larceny: O
Linguistics: O (Native Iberian, Germanic)
Socialize: O


Health OOO (Assess Health, Resilience, Heal/Infect, Intoxicate/Detoxify)
Water OOOO (Create Water, Siren Song, Sunken Treasure, Commander of Currents)


Strength: Knockback Attack, Knockback Wave, Shockwave, Holy Bound.
Dexterity: Lightning Sprinter, Fast as Thought.
Stamina: Raise Your Glass, Self-Healing, Regeneration.
Manipulation: Gods’ Honest, Takes One to Know One, Total Recall.
Appearance: Aura of Dread.
Perception: Subliminal Warning, Eyes in the Back of Your Head, Parallel Attention.
Wits: Instant Assessment, Selfless Speed.


Expression: OO
Intellect: O
Valor: OOO
Vengeance: OOO

Willpower: OOOO

Tianna Zaragoza

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