Favored Attributes: Charisma, Strength, Appearance
Favored Abilities: God of Rule
Favored Purviews: Animal (Eagle), Justice, Prophecy, Sky, Thunder

Regaining Legend
Zeus is a perv, and he regains legend through acts of voyeurism or lechery. He regains a point of legend by acting in the role of the voyeur, groper, and general pervert. Every hour spent cruising beaches, swimming pools, lingerie stores, strip clubs, or even hanging from a tree looking into someones room regains a point of legend. A certain creep factor is involved in regaining legend, if Zeus’s mortal incarnation has a job that involves being in such places he does not regain legend while working.

Regaining Willpower
It is Zeus’s nature to rule the Greek gods. Whenever he performs an act to inspire or lead them Zeus regains a point of willpower. He also regains a willpower point whenever members of the pantheon ask him to solve a quarrel or argument between them.

Once per Story Arc: Regain all legend, willpower, and health
Zeus is a wild god, given to bouts of rage and lust. When Zeus activates his rejuvenation, hurricane winds batter the east coast. Tornadoes dance down streets and cars are flung across town. Zeus himself revels across the town wildly drinking, partying, and screwing like mad. By the end of it, cities are wrecked, property unrecoverable, and zeus probably has a half dozen bastards. He may even be pregnant himself. If he’s married to Hera, his rejuvenation almost always activates hers as well leading to further… issues.



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